The side view of the right cheek shows the defeatable fans; and the solid aluminium cover which curves at a 90° angle to become the face plate. Simple but elegantly effective.

The business end shows high-quality socketry of coax digital output; XLR and RCA analog outputs; a multi-pin test socket; dual USB; RJ45 Ethernet; RS232 port; power IEC and mains switch.

The innards are packed with a blue motherboard; green double-decker board; an SMPS with Lexan cover on Nylon stand-offs with Nylon screws; and the HHD.

Here we see the three socketed BurrBrown OPA 2228P opamps; the AKM AK4396 converter chip; the Cirrus Logic 8416 digital audio receiver; three white switching relays; and assorted other silicon and SMD parts.

Here we spot a JM23RB chip and dual HHKJ 11.0592MHz clocks.