"Here are some pix of the proposed comparator amps. They are as yet without hookup wiring. The LessLoss'd amp will have the disadvantage of longer internal signal paths with more soldering points as items usually avoided in an electrical design. Other than that, both amps will be of the exact same materials and parts except for our C-MARC wiring and Firewall stacks. This PDF explains Firewall 'stacking'; this PDF how to make 4.6mm² wire out of the C-MARC coax."

Though Pascal don't supply DYIers, Hypex/nCore do so those sufficiently inspired could conduct a very similar experiment at home. To avoid metal enclosures, Louis repurposed two Echo's End Plywood cases. Each Firewall card is $178. After thinking hard over how many to install, Louis opted for three stacks of 7/ea. wired in parallel to the amp's power path. He then added one of the same stacks to the XLR inputs for a total upgrade cost of $6'230. Perhaps because crossover modders will spend more on Duelund capacitor upgrades, Louis opted for pouring on the secret sauce thick. DIYers would likely opt for far less. But then, this experiment was designed to show off the LessLoss card trick to maximum effect. Now more was merrier.

Documenting his building progress, Louis' email accompanying the next photo said "two stacks of seven Firewalls installed on signal inputs. Amp behind them. A ground post for all floating bolts is seen on the left. This will connect to the ground of the power inlet." This promised some serious wiring coming up for the subsequent photos.