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So yeah, the Kirsch SQ8 are special boxes. Rarely—and never in this price class—have I encountered loudspeakers which played this coherent and believable and virtually hardwired me as the listener to the music. A top tip for pleasure listening at home. And surely advantageous for work in the studio too where the Kirsch should make for highly focused observations of one’s productions. It means that the SQ8 are resolved enough to point out shortcomings in software and hardware without putting an acoustic magnifier on such errors. Analysts and fans of pronounced treble freshness might do less with the slightly warmish stress-free Berliners but lovers of inviting precise soundstaging and exceptionally natural tone colors should be all ears. Wherever you might come down, to me the SQ8 without a doubt is one of my hottest must-hear recommendations. I think that many listeners will delight in such an uncomplicated whilst honest and entertaining speaker.

Psych profile for the Kirsch Studio Q8…
• an extremely believable of-one-cast sonic picture.
• very organic tone colours.
• good micro and macro dynamics.
• relative to size and price very solid bass extension and shove.
• a solidly intelligible if tonally slightly mild treble which supports a small lean into general warmth.
• pleasantly sonorous midband.
• fundamentally resolved as an absence of veils but not analytical or excessively transparent.
• limited SPL capabilities. Up to slightly above room levels is solid, higher toward party levels gets successively dirtier. In the other direction these are a secret tip for the whisper brigade.

2-way bass reflex compact
Dimensions and weight: 53 x 31 x 44 mm HxWxD, 19kg/ea.
Trim: Polyurea skins in black
Sensitivity: 88dB/1W/1m
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Warranty: 2 years

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