"The cable has three sleeves made of Ash, a hard wood used not for decorative purposes but to further absorb vibration of the wiring. Remember that each object has its own resonant frequency. If we match them against each other, resonances largely cancel like sound waves of opposite amplitudes. The cable also features inserts made from piezoelectric minerals which are meant to protect from high-frequency distortion. As a result, the careful use of piezoelectric materials allows for peace and relaxation in the music while maintaining dynamics and energy. In my opinion, only copper is able to give the realism of correct timbres from individual instruments. Silver in any form gives a smooth although unfortunately homogenized character where the color palette is reduced to gray scale. While solid wire preserves the rhythm of low frequencies, adequate body, coherence and saturation of the midrange can only be achieved with a good Litz wire. With this in mind I decided to use multi-strand solid core wire where we get a good balance between Litz and solid wire attributes. Suitable shielding cleans the musical message, making it clear and spatially accurate. The appropriate mix of minerals cleanses high frequencies (a similar effect can be achieved through the use of RLC filters which unfortunately adversely affect phase coherence), stretching them beyond the limits of human hearing and at the same time making them smoother and more civilized without irritating the mind."

Piotr has four rather impressive audio systems for testing, featuring Destination Audio 3-way horns, Thiel CS 3.7 and ProAc Response K6 speakers, gear from Ayon, Accuphase, Jadis, Cary, Transrotor, Destination Audio plus his own custom-built 2A3 amps, tube preamp, R2R DAC [right] and even a home-brew CD player based on a CEC belt transport. Suffice it to say, Piotr is well equipped to test his creations to ensure compatibility with a wide range of systems. The fact that he prefers to build his own equipment is testament to his drive for excellence and unwillingness to compromise.

"I listen to every type of music, however I prefer 70’s rock and classical. I believe that it is no challenge to make Diana Krall sound pretty but it is very challenging to listen to Judas Priest with 100dB sound pressure and still have it feel natural, life-like and non-distorted. My personal systems and cables are designed to deliver an intimate, smooth, magical musical presentation with high energy and dynamics. If my guests are getting goose bumps, it means that the sound is right."

Piotr plans to offer signal and speaker cables in the near future. He also gave me a sneak peek of a rather impressive power line conditioner. Again, the phrase 'unwilling to compromise' comes to mind.

For this review I used the Reference One between the wall and a BPC Pure Power Center which is essentially a high-end power strip with fancy Wattgate outlets which in turn connected to the components in my system via their stock cables. After a spell I swapped in other cables and also inserted the Reference One between the BPT and individual components. The Reference One was a relatively stiff cable yet flexible enough to route behind by equipment rack with little difficulty. The standard length is 2m. The wall connector is a Wattgate 330 AU Evo while the IEC is an IeGO 8085. The Ash wood dampers were well shaped and overall fit and feel of the Reference One was substantial and impressive. It definitely did not have that "look what I made in my basement" vibe about it.