For my long 6-metre XLR, each channel occupied its own shell. That cable too exhibited a studlier clamp whose heat shrink colour doubled as channel identifier.

Ditto for the twisted-pairs speaker cable. All of the Esprit Eterna wires were surprisingly weighty and simultaneously slinky. I'd see no silliness or break into cuss words come cable routing and dressing time. Some cables with comprehensive shielding get stupidly unyielding. No ivory tower behaviour here. Cheers to common sense!

Dropping the supple black lot into the hardware context of the prior review—Æquo Audio's Ensis subsequently adjusted for the arriving Vinnie Rossi Lio DHT module—replaced a front-to-back silver loom consisting of Black Cat Cable red label Lupo signal and Ocellia power; and silver-plated USB by way of the red double-header KingRex. The difference of going all copper was drastic. Instantly the sound became slower and bloomier, less damped, softer, warmer and fuzzier. Focus and articulation went down, weight and mellifluousness up. In fact the active bass of the Dutch wonder speakers required minor amplitude adjustments to offset this shift in balance. To play to not against my first copper loom since the Absolue Créations review also of French cables, I would have to reshuffle my hardware chain. Those who believe cable metalurgy to be fanciful misdirection to scalp the naïve natives would have had a very stiff time explaining what I heard. That's the whole rationale for reviewing complete looms. If you want to know what a particular geometry or dielectric does, apply it front to back for the fullest effect. Given the potent Lio DHT aroma aiming in a very similar direction to plain overdo the direct-heated triode/copper thing, the first call of duty was to eliminate that. Instead I'd use my fully balanced COS Engineering D1 DAC/preamp into the Pass Labs XA30.8 stereo amp. With the Ensis packing up for its follow-up with Marja & Henk, I could always go for our airiest most lit-up EnigmAcoustics Mythology M1 monitors with Sopranino super tweeter. But I'd first try the Albedo Audio Aptica Accuton transmission-line two-way towers.