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Over at the other side of the room we run a second system which we configured to be a Feickert Blackbird/Zu DL103 turntable with a Devialet D-Premier tripling as MC phono stage, pre and power amp. Speakers were Podium Sound’s Model 1, a bi-aurally decorrelated panel radiator in combination with a separately powered WLM Duo stereo sub. Which component here should connect with the Allbit was an easy decision: the Devialet. Contrary to Devialet’s claims, the D-Premier is very sensitive to power cables. The right combination really will transform this all-in-one completely. The 50-cent generic cord keeps the Devialet on relatively neutral ground. With the Allbit as power transport, the French pizza box went through a severe metamorphosis.

The transparency and directness we like with its V5 firmware was still there but the sound had opened up as though a crowned eagle suddenly spread its wings showing off all its glory. Playing music with the Podium Sound panels is an acquired taste but especially with classical music mimics a very ‘live’ experience. When we swapped the panels for the Pnoe horns by rewiring the speaker cables and repeated the A/B with the power cords, the Devialet transformed once more to repeat the effect.

A final check included a full Trafomatic set of Reference One preamp and Kaivalya monos. Analog source was the Feickert Blackbird via the Reference Phone One or the analog output of the La Rosita Beta/iTunes streamer combo. The Allbit did chores on the source side in combination with a power distribution block. Again the sound changed for the better. Tube equipment has an intrinsically higher noise floor where there is always a little background noise audible close up to sensitive speakers. The Allbit again proved successful at lowering the perceived noise to a level only noticeable close to the drivers. In the sweet spot the soft noise was completely gone.

Using a different perhaps not fully audiophile-approved solution (which would be what, exactly) to help music lovers enjoy their music on a higher level, Audiomica have really hit upon something. Adding a comprehensive filter that includes protective earth filtering to a high-quality shielded power cord results in a true multi-purpose power cable. Used as a single component cord on a source raises that component’s sonic capabilities beyond expectation. Used as a feed into a high-quality power distribution block becomes the most economic proposition to enable a multitude of components to benefit from the cleanest power. Chapeau!

Condition of component received:
Reusability of packing: No problem and for many purposes.
Website comments: In English and Polish. Not quite up to date at the time of writing.
Completeness of delivery: All we needed.
Pricing: Absolutely fair.
Human interactions: As kind as it gets.
Remarks: This power cable is marketed as being designed for the Audiomica Power Station but run solo or with another quality distribution block is highly recommended.

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