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Our Polish company offer a line of tube gear with an integrated amp, a preamp and a set of monoblocks all in super-shiny stainless steel. We first encountered their amplifiers at the Warsaw Audio Show in 201. We were not only impressed by their visual craftsmanship but also their exhibit’s sound quality. Even in a busy room at a show, the promise was obvious. A year later at the same show, that impression was merely reconfirmed.

Whilst music is created by a brain function, the air pressure waves are in fact the result of modulating our residential power grid’s voltage with an amplifier that's been fed the source signal. As long as there’s no way to electrically jack a musical signal straight into our brain and excite the correct neurons, we must stick to a detour and multiple conversions first in the electrical then mechanical domains. Direct manipulation of the brain might be a step too far even in the future but it certainly is for today.

So, what we need is grid power to start the chain event which ends in the creation of air pressure waves. We all know that our power utility doesn't care about clean. Following the adage of garbage in/garbage out, power quality can and will influence the end result. In audiophile circles this observation leads to all sorts of power filters and regenerators. Of course audiophilia is not only a benign aberration. It's also a weird form of religion both in the old meaning of binding together and the current church-related form. The latter leads to a zillion beliefs about what’s superior and proper, be it tubes, transistors, open baffles, ported or sealed all ad infinitum including the various ways to arrive at power nirvana.

Amare Musica asked us to take a critical look at their Silver Passive Power Station. Once the review was accepted and the subject delivered, we started to give it a place. Was it an active power filter? No. A regenerator of some sort? No. A passive filter? Not quite. A power distribution block? Yes. To be precise, a high-quality distribution block.