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Removing the top aluminum cover reveals the four transformers and two bakelite-encased filter caps for the output tubes. "We enclose our smaller caps in Ebony casings but these particular capacitors were too large. Our very hard epoxy resin potting stops film capacitors from vibrating. This has tremendous audible benefits."

All Yamamoto iron is designed in-house.

Removing the very cleanly welded belly pan shows a Yamamoto novelty - serious lateral heat-sinking for various current-source transistors.

Turret-style point-to-point connections meanwhile have always been house tradition.

Here we see more Ebony-encased capacitors, two white 2uF Sprague caps for two of the rectifier tubes and beefy heat-sinked Dale resistors plus Ixys power schottky rectifiers.

More rectifier diodes.

A famous SBE Inc. orange-drop capacitor next to the output tube socket.

A Teflon tube socket for an 80 rectifier and a Dearborn 735P Series polypropylene film capacitor sleeved in Ebony.