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How do you and your brother Zhi Dong share responsibilities?
"If you like the look of our amplifiers, please give Zhi Dong all the credit. He designs all our chassis from top to bottom, from drafting to the final design. He is also the co-engineer of research and development.

"Not surprisingly, my father Wei Wu is unknown to most people. He is the chief engineer. His understanding of amplifiers and his superior handcrafting knowledge accumulated over more than 40 years in his professional career. Indeed, he is our resident encyclopedia.

My brother and I have loved audio components since childhood, influenced deeply by our father. And I always had a passion to share the pleasure of listening to music with friends. Unfortunately, high-end audio gear usually means a great deal of money, quickly discouraging some audiophiles to even explore the subject. This is not necessarily the truth however as I have learned from Wei's design which are effective and simple. Simple designs are the best. Wei mastered this skill over many long years of hard discipline and experiments. I am grateful to be working side by side with Wei and Zhi Dong to build high-end audio components that are affordable but enjoyable for many years to come.

Woo Audio is a Father & Sons company founded in 2004. We share responsibilities and coordinate everything with each other, devoting ourselves to the industry. We work together smoothly because of our love and care for each other in the family.

Audio experts know that the magnetics are critical to great sound. Wei designs our transformers and chokes, then assigns them to his old friend Sam --also a senior engineer -- to wind them by hand."

What is your test system during R&D?
We have many professional instruments such as audio generators, oscilloscopes and distortion analyzers but our ears make the final judgment."

How about manufacturing and quality control?
We believe that tight quality control breeds great products. We make the important parts like the output transformers ourselves and completely assemble the amplifiers in the United States."

What speakers and amps and preamps and sources do you use?
Most of them are built by Wei's hands. His DIY journey began when he made a crystal radio at age 7, a first tube amplifier in his teens and a black-and-white television in his early 20s. He has never stopped making new stuff."

Who do you see as your competition?
Competition is always good. We believe that innovation, quality and service are our most powerful weapons. Since we build all the amps ourselves, we are flexible to turn around even custom amps in a short time."

What is your company philosophy?
When I had the idea to own a business, my family wholeheartedly supported it. With sincerity and loyalty, we now honor the business with our family's name - Woo. We understand the pleasure of music reproduction from a top quality amplifier and love to share that experience with others. We continue to design and produce innovating audio products that are high quality, affordable and durable."

Apparently rather less than three weeks later -- I honestly lost track -- Jack confirmed that the amp was built, had been subjected to a multi-day break-in protocol and was now ready to ship. His original price quote had accounted for ship charges to Cyprus so there were no surprises. Next thing I knew, the provided tracking numbers indicated that the goods had landed on the island and cleared customs.

Jack had e-mailed handling instructions and an owner's manual well in advance, a further sign of the care and concern this company expresses for its customers. More soon as 2008 is shaping up to become my year of the 300B, with the Yamamoto A-09S and new Trafomatic Audio Reference Monos already in the wings.