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Placed under the amplifier, what were the footers contributing? Better overall broadband resolution. Better micro and macro dynamics. Better preservation of soundstaging information. Timbral accuracy. No apparent shortcomings. There was a good sense of fidelity to the characteristics of the source.

How do I quantify that statement? I know the sonic characteristics of the source component through the Solid Tech feet. That was my reference benchmark. If the component down the line passes that information intact, it is being accurate. The Gold Glory was accurate.

Overall: Any product which allows you to hear deeper into the master tape is doing something right. Good recordings sound extraordinary. Former mediocre recordings reveal themselves to be considerably better than expected. There is simply more to listen to. Complex music is easier to follow and far more interesting. Music becomes less about listening to spectacular audio and more about being drawn into a spectacular performance.

The footers performed admirably in absolute terms. In comparative terms, the Gold Glory exhibited a more accurately weighted tonal balance than the Solid Tech Feet of Silence, with better broadband resolution. Both were excellent at component isolation. In my setup, the Equarack footers are used for their isolation capabilities under the subwoofer. The object of the exercise is to keep subsonic materials airborne and not floor-borne. The sub is capable of prodigious output down to about 14 cycles. The wood floor underneath it is prone to low-frequency induced resonance and will feed back into both the subwoofer and the system in general to the point of mechanical chatter. This is a supreme torture test. Any product will eventually fail due to acoustic overload if fed a sufficient amount of low frequencies and amplitude. The Equarack has proven the most effective isolation device for this use. The Gold Glory gives that a good run, challenging the performance of the Equarack footers. This is exemplary performance by both devices under the worst of circumstances.

Conclusions: Excellent resonance control can elevate the performance of your system. These footers will do just that. Are they the best out there? I have not heard everything and Weizhi Precision's own design team don't seem inclined to rest on their laurels. But in the here and now, in my system, they outperformed the best I had on hand. As such, they clearly earn the status of Glen's current reference.

Are the Weizhi Gold Glory Footers right for you? This is not an inexpensive tweak. This is very serious fare. If you have already invested in a full-fledged expensive rack system incorporating heavy-duty vibration control, this may not be the route for you. If you are looking for a cheap solution, this also is not the route for you.

But if you are in the market for a compact, state-of-the-art product that is highly effective and easy to set up, this should be on your short list. It is far superior to standalone cone solutions. It has none of the setup demands of comparable polymer-based isolation devices or roller block assemblies. The Gold Glory incorporates their best attributes and improves on them. It is built like a miniature Rolls Royce and performs like one. I urge you to go to the Weizhi Precision website and investigate the range of products the company has to offer. From Taiwan to Cananda, I had delivery in two days and communications were very prompt and informative...
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