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"Here are some photos of the unpolished Krion chassis components that make up a Three 11R. This is the first time I have shown these to anyone! As you can see there are individual pockets machined from solid Krion for each part. When all the part are soldered in place we make a mould for the elastomer and inject all relevant areas. This mould is left to dry for a few days, then the protective layer we put on top of the components removed. This allows us to remove the elastomer for a repair and put it back afterwards. A Three 11R is basically two chassis in one, one for the power block, one for the filter section. Both have completely separate damping and elastomers. The three direct outlets are truly direct, no filtering whatsoever, not even over-current protection."

Three 11R sandwich chassis layers viewed from the top.

Three 11R chassis layers viewed from the bottom.

"Here is a photo of the filter section before elastomeric injection. The internal wiring is Acrolink 7N pure stress-free copper. I listen to and select all the components for each filter, rejecting those that aren't up to our standards. I also listen to the phase of each component. Even though there are parts supposedly not sensitive to polarity, reality shows that this is not so and must be checked carefully for best results. Our diodes are ultra high-speed soft recovery types with very high current capacity which is of utmost importance to avoid any kind of dynamic compression.

The DC filter components are the 4 diodes, resistor and 18 small capacitors.

"As this layout might show, I agree with Einstein's famous quote of 'everything should made as simple as possible but no simpler'. It's easy to complicate a design to try and solve a problem but the more contacts and components you use, the less information is likely retrieved. Of course a product stuffed with bits and bobs does look like you're getting a lot for your money. In most cases though you are just getting a bin load worth of cheap parts. As they say, not all that glitters is gold."