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Where the FE racks certainly improved over my previous very solid rack in terms of micro detail and bass tightness, the SGR racks over the FEs added a slight gain in dynamic contrast and further solidity and control to the deep bass. Ditto a slightly more focused imaging perspective with a marginally deeper soundstage and more precise lateral placement.  

These differences weren’t night and day but careful listening saw me comfortably reach these conclusions whilst bearing in mind the total impracticality of immediate back-to-back A/Bs (a couple of swaps took some minutes to perform). I’m confident however that my long-term use of the FE racks and profound familiarity with my system’s sound entitles me to these informed observations after careful extended listening sessions with the SGR Signatures and then back for some more with the FEs. Yes, I’d say that dynamic contrasts, image specificity and bass tightness were the attributes I took as being the most noticeable differences, subtle as they were. All else remained unchanged and unharmed from the sonic excellence of the FEs.

So how do the SGR racks fit in relative to the higher-profile competition from overseas suppliers? I’ll tell you where. These racks are as well built as the very best available from anywhere. I’d say they compete with the bees knees of audio rack systems, be it Finite Elemente, Grand Prix Audio—with whom they share principles and equally remarkable engineering— HRS, SolidTech, AudiAV etc. In the context of our local market here in Oz, what this rack system has over those imports is lack of customs duties and horrendous freight costs which large and heavy rack systems incur whenever transported to our beautiful but distant shores. Which, whilst playing in that field and at the price of $750 per module, rather makes the SGR Signature rack somewhat of a bargain.

No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist – Ludwig van Beethoven. The SGR Audio Signature rack is a truly superb design. Mostly machined and constructed in-house (only the veneer of the platforms is contracted out), the design is visually attractive and structurally rigid. There’s an imparting sense of rightness about the concept and its vibrational isolation. The quality of build and manufacturing precision inspires confidence in the Signature rack’s ability to allow the very best sonic performance to emerge from your electronics.

After upgrading to an AMR CD-77.1 CD player which weighs in at a confounding 28kg; and noting that figure’s very close proximity to the FE top shelf’s weight and support limits... these events motivated a change in audio racking at the Kramer’s. The SGR’s much higher weight support capability relieved us of one nightmare where things take a middle-of-the-night crash into expensive self demolition. Our new racking reference this is.

The SGR Signature audio rack features awesome build, solid engineering, great sonics and sharp local pricing. It’s also an extraordinary find for overseas buyers as SGR is set up for global freight. For us locals having a technical whiz such as Stuart Ralston available for advice on anything audio is simply that final tomato sauce on an already very tasty mushy-peas meat pie. Bonza!
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