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Srajan Ebaen
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"Hi there,
I have designed and built a Schumann generator that emits a 7.83Hz electromagnetic field similar to the Acoustic Revive RR-77 - except that mine has five different power levels for dealing with different levels of electromagnetic pollution in the local environment. Originally I built this device for eliminating insomnia caused by EM pollution and for helping me cope with sitting at a computer for long hours. However, owners of the RR-77 have contacted me asking if my generator performs the same as the RR-77. I've since had it confirmed that it produces the exact same audio/video enhancement effects as the RR-77. An unexpected and very welcome accident! Would you be interested in reviewing the Schumann generator?
" - Mark Watson,

Unlike Stephæn and Jeff—presently and formerly on staff—who tested such devices for sonic benefits, my experience with Mark's box had me follow his footsteps. I'll exclusively hint at the other effects. Anyone to whom talk of invisible energies equates to New Age fluff best tune out now. That's where we're headed. I'll keep it nice and short though.

I've been around so-called holy men—and women—to come to a certain understanding of their primary function. Their realization has them emanate very high vibrations. Different degrees or depths of realization radiate different fundamentals and harmonics. People around such realizers tune in sympathetically to those vibrations. This participation magnifies the vibrations and sets up what my teacher used to call a buddha field. The most basic tech simile for this phenomenon would be a radio tuner. As a function of purification and practice, a true spiritual teacher has tuned his/her body mind to receive and broadcast a 'celestial station' whose existence and frequency were entirely unknown to us. Being in the physical presence or proximity of such a one—that's the good company injunction of all esoteric traditions—places our psychophysical mechanism inside their radiance. With luck, perseverance and intervention, our tuner stubbornly stuck to earthly stations and mundane matters of money, food and sex can gets its dial lubricated and temporarily reset. Perhaps faintly and intermittently only at first, we suddenly receive the celestial station*.


* Unlike an actual radio broadcast of commandments and instructions, this radiance or effulgence is simply the presence of universal consciousness modified by the portal of a purified human vessel. Prolonged exposure can cause profound changes in how an inhabitant functions through the body, brain and nervous system. So-called psychic abilities or siddhis are generally considered to be lower expressions of these changes. Their novelty value often holds endless fascination for particularly Westerners whose world view doesn't account for things our sciences can't yet explain and verify.

The more disciples manage to stabilize their own focus of attention on their teacher's energetic broadcast, the higher the amplitude of the signal becomes. This makes it easier for newcomers to tune in. The inaudible message becomes louder and clearer. This is the foundation of any true sangha or ashram. It also explains how a realizer's presence is the message and real transformative power. It has nothing to do with formalized teachings or outward actions. Some realizers are hidden. They don't talk about it. They prefer to radiate peace, equanimity and benediction in silence to benefit anyone who enters their energetic sphere of influence. One of the most well-known of those was Ramana Maharshi. Though long passed from this realm, his ashram continues to magnify his presence. Hundreds of thousands of devotees who never met him in the flesh attest to 'contact' by simple contemplation of his enigmatic photo.

I just condensed thousands of years of wisdom teaching into a most basic form. For today's purposes, it'll suffice though. This machine involves the same principle of sympathetic resonance. A frequency radiates constantly and unbroken, our bio mechanism responds quite involuntarily. Simply google "Schumann resonance" to learn why the frequency of 7.83Hz is considered our planet's natural pulse; and why heightened exposure to man-made radiation disturbs our reception of this pulse with deleterious effects on our (physical, emotional and other) well being. At the cost of £149, Mark Watson's home-brew box allows anyone to experiment. If you respond in benign ways, you win big with a small investment. If you don't respond at all or negatively, you can pass it on to a friend; consider the matter closed; and put another gizmo on your personal list of duds.

When Mark's box arrived, I opened it up for a look-see, then plugged it in beneath my office desk. It's not been moved since nor turned off. The reason is simple. I felt its effects very quickly and powerfully. Particularly at night during meditation or awake in bed with free attention on energetics, I feel its 'force field' in a manner related to how I felt my teacher's presence for many miles around him. Different frequency, same principle. For me the effects of this machine's broadcast are calming and balancing. Tuning in accelerates access to meditative states. I'm sure a Mongol nomad in the wide-open steppe would have no need for this device nor an e-outlet to plug into. This techno nerd surrounded by a plethora of electrical devices radiating invisible energies at ultrasonic frequencies (ugly noise is one way of calling all that) most certainly has.

I have zero interest to test this Schumann resonator on audio. Any experience is inextricably linked to the experiencer. Alter the mood of the listener, sharpen his perception, deepen her relaxation and general availability or preparedness for the occasion. Obviously the experience will change. A scientist or doubter might feel compelled to quantify the effects. But a beneficiary? If someone told you to dig in the yard in a specific spot and you found a valuable gold coin, would you need to know that person's education, religion, income level or any other spec? They'd be utterly pointless in fact. Thank you is the only appropriate response. And sharing your win.

My point is, this box with the blue LED remains in my office where I work all day. I am exposed to an Internet router, flat-screen monitor, telephone, lights with transformers in the bases, various audio electronics, bundles of power cords and more within a 2-meter radius. I know I feel better. I also know I couldn't possibly extricate that benefit from listening to music (or anything else). But that's exactly what an audio assessment would require. If you're even inclined to follow this avenue of investigation to end up with this—or an equivalent—Schumann resonator or synchronizer (very appropriate term), it'll be up to you to experiment and learn and perhaps benefit like I and Mark and his clients. Unlike the usual audio tweak that performs minor nip 'n' tug surgery, my response to this Schumann Resonator is far more on the order of a major component replacement. Are these effects directly related to the degree of energetic pollution that surrounds us? Did I need it unusually badly? I better see my shrink. Just kidding. I'm a very satisfied customer. I don't need to know more. Case closed, mystery unsolved.

PS: Listening intently is one of many feedback mechanisms whereby we may register changes in our environments. Meditation is another. And so on. With this device, I've primarily applied my meditation experience. Other earlier reporters in the audio press have used audible improvements. Mark Watson used his personal sense of physical well being and how his sleep and dream patterns changed. It seems a function of personal sensitivity and where our point of attention is fixed how one describes these effects. You'd surely add your own wrinkles...

The maker responds:
Hi Srajan,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful article! I was a real pleasure to read. I really appreciate the time and effort you have gone to. You're right, it's not what I was expecting entirely, but isn't that what's great about the world? I'm trying to remain open to all possibilities and to avoid expecting fixed outcomes and it so happens you wrote an article that far surpasses anything I might have imagined.

I'm really pleased you felt such a strong beneficial effect from the generator since as you rightly point out, this is not always the case. Some people cannot feel the field at all. I'm trying to piece together what dictates whether people can feel it or not, but as with everything, it is probably a combination of a large number of variables and cannot be said to be one thing or another. It's fascinating trying to work it out though.

Before reading your article, I had never considered the concept of sympathetic resonance with another being, and yet it is so obvious when I think about it. How else could these holy people affect others so profoundly without a word spoken? It also makes sense of why each and every one of us is altering the world and the universe by the sum total of our thoughts and energy fields. I understand better now the phrase "with the master, there is no distance". This might be linked to our energy field radiating from us at light speed to the edges of the universe. If one is tuned to the master's frequency, their presence would be felt at all times. I wonder if they could be felt a number of light years away? Or even the other side of the universe? There could be components of the human energy field that travel faster than light (scalar potentials perhaps). Food for thought!


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