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The Robusto features a whopping 6-gauge conductor bundle for each phase constructed of finely stranded soft-annealed high-purity copper. Mark believes that a large cross-sectional area delivers greater transparency, dynamics and solidity. Both phases are of equal gauge unlike in many other power cable designs and thus—Mark claims—ideally suited for both normal domestic and balanced power supplies. Each run is thickly insulated with a vibration-absorbing dielectric and twisted in a noise-canceling geometry. An externally mounted ground conductor is counter-wound around the positive and negative runs to reduce noise interference. The Robusto is unshielded as Mark discovered that adding a shield negatively impacted the sonic character he was aiming for. The entire cable assembly is sheathed in a cloth-like resonance-controlling fabric. Having invested good money and countless hours testing connectors, Mark was well positioned to select the most agreeable terminations. He chose a rhodium/silver-plated 15A IEC for its greater detail and dynamic punch and an unplated high purity cryo-treated copper AC plug. Both are treated with contact preservatives and enhancers for lasting optimum performance. Each cable is pre-conditioned with an Audioharma Anniversary cable cooker and tested for shorts and continuity. The Robusto comes standard in 5’ lengths.

The Robusto is a heavy bulky cable that while fairly flexible will require some care when connecting to components. You can see just how large it is compared to a standard 18-gauge stock cord in the photo. The cable is heavy enough to pull on or tilt up lighter components. Other than a little snake wrestling I had no issues at all. The cords were nicely constructed with excellent solid fitting connectors. I initially replaced all my power cables with Robustos. After several days I would switch back to the stock cables or other brands for days at a time. This way I felt I got a better handle on how the Robusto affected sonics and musicality. Early on I got the sense that the Robusto was deliberately voiced. I noted a rich full-bodied sonic flavor and a pleasant mellowness in the upper band that while possibly not completely neutral I nevertheless fell in love with. Deliberate voicing was confirmed by Mark.

"Robusto is indeed a highly tuned iteration of a variety of ingredients. The conductor itself inevitably plays a part in the sonic presentation, however differing geometries and connectors can greatly influence the presentation and one needs to balance their respective qualities in order to achieve the desired result. 

In this case experimentation with differing geometries led to an unusual configuration which made a profound improvement delivering an extremely low noise floor together with a full yet tightly controlled lower frequency foundation and smooth high notes. The innately dark background offers the listener to hear deep into the analogue like midrange and allows the cord to carry a brighter punchier sounding rhodium-plated IEC plug enhancing its incisiveness and leading edge detail.

Whilst I could have aimed for a strictly neutral flavor, many people would sooner enjoy a cold beer or full-bodied red wine in their scarce leisure time than a glass of water. Flavor/character matters and I've tried to voice my cord to appeal to many audiophiles. The goal of higher resolution has often made sonics thinner and brighter in the pursuit of extension and detail. I've sought to reverse these less desirable characteristics whilst infusing musical verve."