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Taking a page from AURALiC's Merak and Rogue's hybrid valve/Hypex playbook, Roksan's UcD400 amp shuns a cheaper switch-mode supply in favor of a dual-mono linear job to necessitate ultra low-rider magnetic donuts to clear the casing's svelte profile.

Anything more than the <100wpc 8-ohm rating would have exceeded the available transformer real estate. Hence the forthcoming outboard power supply to go nutser over donuts and presumably up output power to the 200/400wpc into 8/4Ω these modules are capable of with their compact stock switch-mode power supply.

Here is one of the Hypex boards...

... divided from the other channel's equivalent by this board with 4 x 6.800μF compact caps.

Here is the touch-sensitive program interface module mounted into a recess of the top cover. Whilst on case envy, any thinking punter will realize that the Oxygene enclosures are the by far costliest bits of this kit. Beauty has a price.

The CDP's front half is occupied by a metal-ensconced metal-braced slot drive.

The main board shows a Xilinx Spartan field-programmable gate array, a Microchip PIC18F65J10 flash-memory Eprom, a JMH330 serial ATA bridge chip and a crystal oscillator clock. The absence of a recognizable DAC chip suggests that Roksan programmed the FPGA to perform that function... or that I didn't spot the actual converter.

The coax output is transformer coupled by the black cube right in front of it.

And that's what beauty looks like undressed. Time to put the lids on and go for a ride into the 'hood which in our crib is ruled by Wyred4Sound's $2.900 threesome of mPRE and 255/430w into 8/4Ω mAMP monos on extended loan for this comparison before trekking back to California.