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With the just mentioned purist recordings it was different. I had no sense of the sound being purified with a vibraphone or violin. I confirmed this with a Sinatra album. What I got now was higher output and clearer tones without exaggerated leading edges. It seemed that the platform slightly highlighted oversights in sound engineering – not by much and more like a sonar than X-ray but it's something to keep in mind. Only very expensive platforms will give you more. They fill the overall message with sufficient information to view this kind of mistake with indulgence.

Summary. The Rogoz platform is large and won't fit all systems. If your rack is already tall or you're dealing with a shelf between others, it might not be the best fit. It looks best on the floor or a low hutch. Build quality is high and particularly the veneer is striking, evidence that wood finishing is the firm's forté. The metal bits are very solidly worked though visible spot-welding marks between the legs slightly betray that this is a product from a small maker. The spikes meanwhile are perfect and the product on a while makes a very good impression.

This platform significantly modified the sound of an amplifier I sat on it. It opened up the sound, released captive energy and built out the bass. I was especially impressed with the latter. Without exaggeration or blare low sounds became more prominent and fast. All the bass registers gained in clarity (good) but enhanced amplitude was at times conspicuous as though it added something not exactly on the recording. This is a good solid affordable product with something only few of its kind offer – incredible bass.

The Rogoz anti-vibration platform should be matched to a particular system and a specific component within that system considering the changes the platform. One also needs to take account of how the rack will look. After all it's another piece of furniture in the room. The 4SG50/BBS + BW40MKII combo makes for a very tall solution and raises the actual component by 20cm. On the floor that's no problem and will actually improve the appearance. On a rack shelf one must insure sufficient clearance. This review was conducted as a comparison between amp on the top shelf of my rack vs. amp on platform on shelf. It was a multiple A/B/A with A and B known and 1-minute music samples.

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