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First things first. Any leading lady hoping to score a juicy femme fatale role must be foxy. Professional photos won't do. A personal audition for the director is required. Conceived and marketed as a non-conformist looker to win hearts others don't, does the Rithm have what it takes in the flesh?

Absolutely. There's instant chemistry on the set even though this performer is far more petite than her photos suggest. Your director stands 6'1". Right next to the Rithm, arms hanging, his extended middle finger barely touches its crest. That's short. Translated, there's less visual obstruction than even with your typical micro stand mount. Two thumbs up.

The en pointe front foot suggestive of a dancer hides the port. It fires down and somewhat back from a sloping sub baffle.

Following non-hifi looks to their logical conclusion, the serial number sticker is glued into the port and the Davone brand name appears nowhere on the front but understatedly on
the lower cheek, then again on the back terminal plate. To soothe the savage audiophile beast, spike receptacles are provided should you wish to go en pointe on all fours.
Removing the inset grill to unbolt the dual concentric Seas for a
look inside reveals professional counter T nuts to allow a high torque connection for maximal energy transfer. German In-Akustik hookup wire connects the driver's terminal lugs to the crossover hidden behind a wall of cleverly folded fiber damping which could extend way down the shallow tail of the arc. It was too neatly installed to bother removing it to be sure though.

The exposed silk-dome tweeter is surrounded by its own short and stationary wall around which the transparent cone does its excursion and retraction business from the inverted rubber surround.

As the photo shows, the entire front baffle is made of Ply layers and the sides are inset and recessed to leave a lip along all the side edges.

The single-wire terminals are high-quality 5-way WBTs and mounted low to where a speaker cable with short pig tails will lay completely flat on the floor behind it.

Though the speaker's low profile would have the tweeter well below ear level, the rakishily receding arc angles the transducer upward to more than offset the difference to the ears of a seated listener.

Put differently, form and function meet in perfect harmony to please interior decorator and critical hifi enthusiast.