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It all starts with an idea. The original concept by now dates back 20 years.

Design is by ear and exclusively with recordings Boenicke himself mastered.

After analyzing numerous musical instruments and their unique modes of operation, Sven Boenicke began to transfer them to a conceptual approach of how to design a different loudspeaker.

On parts quality—from hundreds to thousands of euro per—Boenicke is completely mercenary.

Bybee quantum filters make appearance as do Raal ribbons from Serbia and cotton-shrouded SolidCore Audio silver wiring.

Wood is a vital building block. Shown here are pre-finish phase plugs.

For his enclosures, Boenicke prefers Moonwood, Walnut or Cherry.

The crime scene is at traditional wood sculptor Jobin's in the Swiss Brienz close to Interlaken.

Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and geraniums, this is home to art carvings, music boxes and cuckoo clocks.

Conventional speaker manufacture entails box assemblies from panels.