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Reviewer: Paul Candy
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Digital Source: CEC TL51X transport, Audiomat Tempo 2.6 DAC, Calyx 24/192 DAC [in for review], Windows XP based laptop, J. River Media Center 17, M2Tech hiFace USB-S/PDIF interface, JKSPDIF MK3 [in for review]
Analog Source: Well-Tempered Lab Amadeus with DPS power supply, Pro-Ject Tube Box SE phono stage, Ortofon Rondo Blue MC cartridge
Amps: Audiomat Opéra Référence integrated
Speakers: Green Mountain Audio Callisto (on sand-filled Skylan stands), 2 x REL Q108 Mk II subwoofers
Cables: MIT Magnum M1.3 interconnects & speaker cables, MIT Magnum digital cable, Wireworld Equinox 6 interconnects & speaker cables, Sablon Audio Panatela interconnect, Cardas Clear Serial BUSS USB [on loan]
AC Cables: MIT Magnum AC1, Wireworld Aurora 5² & Silver Electra 5², Sablon Audio Robusto & Gran Corona
Stands: Grand Prix Audio Monaco four-tier rack on APEX footers with silicon nitride bearings.
Powerline conditioning: BPT Pure Power Center with Wattgate, Bybee Quantum Purifier and ERS cloth options, GutWire MaxCon, Blue Circle BC86 MK5.
Sundry accessories: Acoustic Revive RR-77, Auric Illuminator, Audio Magic/Quantum Physics Noise Disruptors, Caig Pro Gold, Echo Busters acoustic room treatments, Isoclean fuses, HiFi Tuning Disc Demagnetizer, Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine, Soundcare Superspikes (on speaker stands), dedicated AC line with CruzeFIRST Audio Maestro outlets.
Room size: 11 x 18 x 8’, long-wall setup, suspended hardwood floors with large area sisal rug, walls are standard drywall over Fiberglas insulation.
Review component retail: CDN$290 for 6X; CDN$550 for 12X

Blue Circle’s enigmatic Gilbert Yeung is truly one of high-end audio’s more colorful and whimsical characters. Who else would offer a line of products enclosed in ABS drain pipe? Yes, the same stuff the toilet in your home flushes into... which considering the intended function of the devices under review today is perhaps more à propos than it might seem. So what do the 6X and 12X do then you ask?