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The superb results under the amplifier indicated that the eccentricities of behavior under the CD player were an anomaly. As to why this occurred, the most likely explanation is that the CD player didn’t achieve optimal contact with the d.C.d. feet either due to insufficient mass or rigidity and thereby compromised the damping properties. Since the competing designs utilize different contact systems they didn’t evidence the same difficulties. The final major question was how the optimized Audio Exklusiv products compared against the established devices on hand. Those tweaks were sufficiently varied in price and technological approach to afford real performance barometers. Did the Audio Exklusiv emerge a contender?

The d.C d. products showed themselves to be true High-End options indeed. The base emerged as an understated but capable isolation platform. In my isolation-rich environment it still made a subtle contribution to become a commendable achievement. If used with high-quality anti resonance feet, it becomes a secondary support with the majority of the burden carried out by the footers to render the base a minor fine-tuning accessory. If used with equipment where intrinsic provision has been made for internally produced resonance, the base becomes primary support and its isolation properties fundamentally essential. Price here is a reflection of the High-End market which Audio Exklusiv wants to be associated with. It appears in line with competitive offerings. As the first of its kind to enter the premises, it is impossible for me to do a comparative analysis against the direct competition but the performance level was exceptional in all parameters and thus a personal benchmark for future platforms to be measured against.

The d.C.d. feet had a considerably tougher time—given how they faced actual competition—but in the end revealed themselves worthy alternatives against my community of devices. The price point of the Audio Exklusiv falls into the same relative territory as the EquaRack and Boston Audio variants but well below the much more expensive Weizhi Precision. Performance results showed it to be strongly competitive in its category and a real challenge to the higher-priced fare in the proper application. But is the d.C.d. better or worse than the others?

The question is interesting. All of these feet displayed minor variations in character as opposed to gross disparities of right and wrong. Each will give superb results in different circumstances and each is different enough to suit the requirements of individual taste. The overall differences are subtle. The Weizhi Precision and EquaRack are weighted slightly lower in the midband and are ‘tube like’ with the ability to float a huge dense soundstage with three-dimensional instruments. The Audio Exklusiv Feet along with the Boston Audio TuneBlock 2 focus attention a little higher in the spectrum—midrange through upper midrange—to create a slightly cooler and more ‘solid-state’ version of the event by trading a bit of density and dimensionality for a crystalline clear view. Detail retrieval of all these footers was similar in quantity but different in presentation. With the Audio Exklusiv you have an engineer’s insight into the recording where mastering decisions are revealed with uncanny accuracy and all tricks are laid bare. With the EquaRack and Weizhi that information is also present but plays secondary fiddle to the fulfillment of the masterful illusion. A question of content versus intent. Which is right? That is for you to decide.

Conclusion. As the listening sessions drew to an end and the system was powered down, what were my final conclusions and recommendations? The concept of a standalone isolation platform makes good common sense. Barring an exceptionally well-designed rack, it offers superior immunity from outside resonance and better flexibility of applications. At this price point the Audio Exklusiv d.C.d. Base can never achieve bargain status but it is highly effective and aimed to grace the highest echelon of equipment in a reference setting. If you have good equipment on a bare floor or basic rack support, this is going to extend your quality upwards by a good margin quickly and easily. Combined with good anti-resonance feet it will enhance their performance further. No downsides, only improvements. It is one of those components you presume make only subtle upgrades until you remove them and find the loss more major than you had imagined. It’s an easy recommendation for those with the requisite circumstances and desire to establish a neutral foundation.

Those favoring a slightly more organic presentation will merely admire the accomplishment of the feet but the transparency camp is going to absolutely fall in love. Attractively priced and simple to set up, the Audio Exklusiv feet have the capability of extracting huge amounts of information with the precision of a microscope and presenting it in a coherent manner. Set up optimally, the sound will pummel you with dynamic agility that will leave you breathless. Sole caveat? In my system the feet adored the amp but were more reserved with the CD player. Otherwise highly recommended for the transparency crowd who like their space clean and their detail level set to high resolution.

Quality of packing:
Feet arrived in attractive retail display box. Base came in cardboard package. Internally protected in foam wrap with poly foam ends.
Reusability of packing: Yes.
Condition of components received: Perfect.
Delivery: Hand delivered by Canadian distributor Charisma Audio
Website comments: Extensive and informative.
Human interactions: Professional and courteous.
Final comments & suggestions: Well thought out, versatile and effective. Both made such a compelling case in terms of sonic benefit and ease of use that they earned a place in my stable of resonance control devices. They stay.
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