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Glen Wagenknecht
Financial Interests: click here
Sources: Audio Space CDP 8A CD Player, Wyred 4 Sound Music Server & DAC-2
Preamplifier: Audio Space Reference 2S
Amplifier: Bel Canto 200.4
AV Receiver: Pioneer Elite SC-25
Main Speakers: Apogee Duetta Signature, Paradigm Servo 15 subwoofer, Audio Space AS-3/5A
Stands: Charisma Audio Function Stands Target Stands
AV Speakers: JohnBlue M3s
AV Subwoofer: Paradigm PW-2200
Desktop Audio Speakers: Swans M200 MkIII
Desktop DAC/Pre Headphone Amp: DA&T U-2
Cables: Audio Art SE cable loom, JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2 speaker cables, Madison Audio Lab E3 Extreme 1 Interconnects/Extreme 2 speaker cables, Signal Cable Silver Reference interconnects and speaker cables, digital optical and coax cable.
Resonance Control: Solid Tech, EquaRack Footers, Weizhi Precision Gold Glory footers, Boston Audio TuneBlock2 footers, Audio Exklusiv Silent Plugs, Audio Exklusiv d.C.d. Base and d.C.d. Footers, Superspikes, and Black Diamond
Powerline conditioning: Exact Power EP15A, Noise Destroyer power filtration
Accessories: TrueHarmonix Black Magic CD Mat Herbie’s Super Black Hole CD Mat
Main Room size: 12' x 17'
Home Theatre: 10.5’ x 16.5’
Review Component Retail: power 1 Classic R with FI-11-N1(R) Rhodium $410/2m, Power 1 Classic with Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Gold $370/2m

What, more Audio Art Cable classics? Indeed. These two Classic Power 1 variations weren’t sent to me for the original review and some intriguing aspects about them merited a follow-up. They are based on the original Classic's core power cord but terminated with Furutech FI-11-N1 connectors in either Rhodium or gold-plated high-purity copper at price points that fall between base model and Special Edition. Where the normal rationale for offering a line of progressively priced models would be quantitative enhancements, designer and owner Mr. Robert Fritz has a rather different purpose for these two cables, one that might challenge some conceptions and generate mild excitement. Why?

One of the few reference points held by most audiophiles is that power cords are not audio (signal) cables and therefore cannot alter the sound of a component. Yes you could/should add the provisos that the cable must be of sufficient gauge for the task, shielded where required and that the plugs should be adequately designed to make good contact. And that’s about it. Right?

Anyone who actually has inserted an upgraded power cord discovered this isn't the case, myself included. With the Audio Art Power 1 SE there'd been a dramatic increase in bass power and control, higher resolution and explosive dynamics over the thick stock cable. A logical conclusion would be that the upgraded cable was simply accomplishing better more effective power transfer. That would constitute a practical extension of the basic rule. A comfortable and safe assumption. Physics unaltered, all was right with the world again. Back to sleep.

Then the original Classic Power 1 arrived in combination with its musically well-endowed family of budget Classic interconnects and speaker cables. The power cable proved big, powerful and brawny but lacked the dynamic and detail finesse of its higher-priced SE brother despite the fact that the basic core cable of both was identical, only the connectors were different - Wattgate 5266i/320i vs. Furutech FI-28R. The easy and logical explanation was that better construction and conductor material resulted in higher-grade sound. No earth-shattering conclusions. The fundamental laws of the universe were still intact. Zzzzzzz.

But during my interview with Mr. Robert Fritz we'd talked about two additional power cables in his Classic line that had not been submitted for review at the time. Again both utilized the same core cable of the Classic Power 1 and SE but sported different connectors again. This begged the obvious question - if the Power 1 SE was a 'hot-rodded' Classic, what were these other two new cables doing? Mr. Fritz’s response introduced an unsettling revelation into the fundamental abilities of a power cord and bears an abbreviated repeat as prelude to today's shenanigans.