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Ivette's bio

I write stories with images not words.
Each story is composed of several layers of photos that merge to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Originally from New York City, I moved away from the hectic pace of the city after graduating from Hunter College with am Arts degree. Driven by my love of people, foreign places and cultures, I later pursued a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia Beach. This helped channel my enthusiasm for meditation, spiritual practices and photography. As a traveler, I've experienced the world through the eyes of a painter, collage maker and quilter. Having taught and facilitated expressive arts workshops, studied Soul Collage, Haiku and Haiga while continuing to practice Nalanda Miksang photography in the Chögyam Trungpa tradition, I've learned about aesthetics. Music and listening to it in the best possible sound systems I credit to my husband Srajan who adds that extra bit of spice to an already creative life.

I keep some of my work on my website.