With the A700, Mads Buchardt now seems to have throw down the glove by aiming at market share that's aggressively guarded by very established very big companies. But size isn't everything. Smarts and resourcefulness matter as much if not more. "We analyze our EQ's effect on each of the 2'700 measurement points we have around the speaker to evaluate the impact on each point. When run through our advanced analysis tool, we can distinguish different acoustic phenomena to judge which to compensate and how; and which not to touch. With properly set targets, the effect of this approach is an unheard-of improvement. We very accurately eliminate system resonances because they will appear equally bad in all directions whereas some diffraction is only seen in specific directions to need different compensation. Bass compensation is always dynamic because our DSP monitors driver excursions to ensure non-distorted performance."

Prototype integrated amplifier

"Another DSP algorithm controls the alignment between front/rear drivers to avoid spatial issues whilst exploiting the front wall. Finally, we offer different tuning profiles depending on your listening habits. These are downloaded to USB key and uploaded to our internal firmware. Our room correction is calibrated to specific iPhone models 6S or newer. Their very tight manufacturing tolerances make their microphones very predictable and their CPU is powerful enough to analyze the continuous soundfield data which the user collects with their microphones over a 1-minute period of running pink noise off our app. Bottom line, the A500 and A700 are a huge step forward in quality."

A500 and its rear panel

The A500 can be electronically configured to 2.5- or 3-way operation via the profile downloader and claims response as low as 25Hz. Specific profiles for the A700 are in the works.

When I sent Mads a link to my 'Buchardt 2020' industry feature, he replied "hopefully you're ready to give them a go when we have them ready? We're already seeing huge interest in these and the new A500 so it's great!" That upgraded the industry feature to this formal preview to add our infamous … to be continued… (but with paying customers coming first and production just ramping up, patience will be prudent before that can happen).