My review of Sezai Saktanber's DIY SilverFi cables from Ankara/Turkey signaled the need for this award which is unapologetically concerned with extreme value. To be worthy of our cheapskate recognition, uncompromised build quality and excellent performance have to coincide. The imagery is self-explanatory - Padma Sambhava, Tibet's patron saint and great realizer, surrounded by coins of antiquity. Realsization takes standards educated by exposure to the best of audio and investigates how much money can be saved while maintaining the essence of ultra performance.
SOtM sMS-200:
Fidelizer Pro:
Forza Audio Works Noir:
starting at €159
Clones Audio AP1 & 55pm:
€1'448 for three-piece combo
Black Cat Cable Silverstar USB:
SVS Ultra Tower:
ASUS Xonar Essence One:
Clones Audio 25i:
Bakoon BPS-02:
Nanotec Golden Strada #79 Special & SR:
Wyred4Sound mINT:
Focal Spirit One:
Rethm Trishna:
CEntrance DACmini:
hybrid headphone amp Schiit Lyr:
Usher S & SW-520:
$499 for monitors, $799 for the plug 'n' play bass modules which may be added at a later time.
NuForce Icon HDP:
Ray Samuels Audio F117 The Nighthawk:
Trends TA-10.2:
Burson Audio HA-160:
€499/$699 delivered to the EU/US respectively
ALO Audio Rx:
High Resolution Technologies Streamer+:
Yarland FV34AIIISA:
Blue Circle Audio Fon Lo Thingee:
starting at $349
MiniWatt Tube Integrated:
$229 + $40 flate-rate global shipping
Dayens Ampino:
€220 + global shipping
Glow Audio Sub One:
$408 worldwide
Sutra Amplification 1.3:
Wyred4Sound SX-1000 monos:
JoLida JD-9A:
Glow Audio Amp One:
Trafomatic Audio The Experience One:
Almarro A318B:
Red Wine Audio Signature 30:
SilverFi Elixir thru Phrygian Blue interconnects:
From $119 to $189 per 1m/pr