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With our publisher's recent acquisition of the Audio Physic Codex as new big reference speakers, his Albedo Audio Aptica and soundkaos Wave 40 speakers are available for purchase. Interested parties may inquire at the usual email. The speakers will come in their original packaging and currently reside in Ireland.
October 2017 - Manhattan gets posher - Mytek's new Brooklyn DAC+ [$2'195] "features redesigned and enhanced conversion, analog and power supply circuits, the new Sabre 9028Pro chip for enhanced resolution and better filter options, upgraded headphone amplifier, better L/R separation, larger capacity power supply and new, very transparent analog attenuator circuit."
October 2017 - Acuhorn - Wojciech Unterschuetz of Polish audio house Acuhorn introduces their new Rate amp [€2'500] and matching R2R DAC/streamer [€3'600]. The stereo amp combines Lundahl input transformers with a Texas Instruments class D amplifier, Vicorpower SMPS and rear-mounted attenuator. The 28/384kHz DAC combines a 3.072MHz upsampling FPGA with a Soekris discrete R2R module and Raspberry Pi server again with a universal-range Vicorpower SMPS like the amp.
October 2017 - Gekko Cables - London-based Gekko Cables promote their Purple Haze interconnect as using "custom made one-piece connectors which use the core conductor to make contact with the equipment's RCA sockets."
October 2017 - Eureka - Richard Cesari of French cable house Esprit bows his new Eureka range which is positioned between their Lumina and Gaia models. " All models in the Eureka range are polarized and equipped with twin-material ferrites to eliminate ultrasonic frequencies and continue with our use of partial shields and air dielectric. A new pure copper conductor is clad in 40 microns of pure silver, then finished with new triboelectric surfacing to improve conductivity. All our cables are now available in black or white finish."
October 2017 - Auteur - Starting at $1'399, ZMF's forthcoming Auteur is billed as their first open-backed headphone with custom biocellulose 300-ohm driver. Standard trim is teak wood with black aluminium weighing 475g. Two different kinds of easily swappable ear pads are included to provide the user with different tuning options. Forthcoming editions will introduce other wood species with a choice of black or brass grille and rods.
October 2017 - Rad new Raidhos - The X-5 [starting at €26'900/pr] and XT-5 [starting at €39'600/pr] are the Danes' latest models which pair their ribbon tweeter with latest-gen Ceramix cones which "offer a step change in performance over previous versions to maximize power and power handling." To approach their own diamond membranes, the D-Series drivers exploit a new Titanium/ceramic sandwich which "starts with our existing three-layer aluminium/ceramic composite, then deposits on each side two layers of Titanium and Titanium Nitride particles in a high-temp sputter process for a seven-skin membrane of constrained layers." Refer to their website for more tech details.
September 2017 - New Metrums - Launching today at the Dutch XFi show are the Metrum Acoustics Onyx [€2'062 ex VAT] and Jade [€2'475 ex VAT] which slot into the expanding lineup between the Amethyst as the entry model; and the Adagio/Pavane at the top. Both run on two Transient Two ladder DACs per channel but the Jade adds precision volume control via variable reference voltage.
September 2017 - Bigger badder power plant - PS Audio announce their new P20 Power Plant, "our next step in power regeneration, offering lower distortion, lower output impedance, more output devices and greater current capacity than any product on the market. The P20 also features a unique new graphical user interface (GUI) which provides more information on both input and output signals than ever before."
September 2017 - Wyred's nextGEN class D - Here is a sneak peek at the guts of their proprietary new flagship amp with ground-up class D implementation, i.e. not any OEM module from ICEpower or other vendors. The big toroidal transformer and filter caps indicate a linear not switch-mode power supply. The fully dressed public premiere of it will be at the October RMAF show in two weeks.
September 2017 - Keep thy signal paths short - Ivo Linnenberg is getting his new reference monoblocks ready for their public unveiling at October's Westdeutsche Hifitage in Germany's city of Bonn. The Liszt will be high-power versions of his existing 55-watt Allegro monos. As this spy photo shows, the circuitry is again very tightly 3D packed to shorten the signal path for best bandwidth. The front third of the enclosure is taken up by the big power transformer whilst the output devices are mounted to the rear plate with its external heatsink. The obvious companion piece to the Liszt monos is LinnenberG's new Telemann DAC/pre with remote-controlled analog precision volume.
September 2017 - CAD USB - Computer Audio Design release their I and II cables. "A USB cable is made up of four conductors: two for power (+5V and ground), two for high speed differential data (data+ and data-). Unwanted high frequency noise is present on all. CAD’s patented filtering system carefully tackles all four. Since the +5V conductor carries particularly large amounts of HF noise, we use a separate highly-shielded cable for the +5V conductor. Also, our conductors for high-speed signals employ quite different materials and construction techniques to those that only operate at lower frequencies." Their new USB Cable I [£540] is an enhanced version of the original design. The USB Cable II [880] takes noise reduction considerably further with a whole different construction and insulation plus three independent CAD absorbers designed to further reduce unwanted high frequency electrical noise and mechanical vibration.
September 2017 - Aqua get even wetter - Aqua Hifi's Formula DAC gets the xHD makeover via new firmware for the main FPGA; and a new USB board with hybrid 2-stage XMOS xCore XE216+FPGA architecture. This means fully floating isolated USB decoding and clock generation via FPGA with proprietary code; and 768kHz PCM and DSD256 bit-perfect sample rates. The update involves a new plug-in USB module; hardware modification of board P1108 connected to the module; new firmware for the R2R ladder DAC FPGA; and new firmware for the STM32 main micro controller.
September 2017 - Hafler ship - Canada's Hafler, now a division of Radial Engineering Ltd, have begun shipping their $1'300 HA75-DAC, "an audiophile-quality 12AX7 based headphone amplifier and USB DAC with source impedance adjuster". 
September 2017 - SotM ready master clock - With their USB reclocker featuring an optional word-clock input, it was only a matter of time until the South Koreans would offer their own dedicated word clock. At right is a rendering of a prototype to be previewed at the upcoming RMAF show in Denver. It will have 4 x 50Ω BNC terminals (one 75Ω option), 10MHz operation and a 12V DC power input. Styling will copy their existing range of USB reclocker, mini server and linear power supply.
September 2017 - Japanese 3-2 combination - Chris Sommovigo's Black Cat Cable boutique have launched the new 3200 Series cable which begins shipping in mid November at $499.95/1m/pr (at $100 more by 2018). "The combination of Sommovigo’s Matrix-32 4-pole/32-element braid of individually insulated pure copper conductors and a processed Airwave twisted pair inside a thin-walled pure PTFE air-filled tube is simultaneously very complex and yet elegantly simple."
September 2017 - Go sutty not slutty - "Unlike most step-up transformers (SUT) customized to a specific cartridge with few adjustments, Zesto Audio's Allasso is the most versatile, with 40 mono adjustments and 40 for your stereo MC cartridge. All adjustments are easily accessible on the front and can be done on the fly without clicks or pops. The most prized features are the 4 gain settings of 17dB, 21dB, 23dB and 26dB and the stepup ratios of 1:4, 1:6, 1:8 and 1:12 with 10 load positions for each."
September 2017 - Nagra HD preamp - After 3 years of R&D with a 10-strong team of engineers, Swiss Nagra Audio are about to bow their new flagship tube preamp [€54'900] with outboard supercap power supply and integral mechanical decoupling system. There are 3/2 RCA/XLR inputs, one each RCA/XLR variable outputs, one fixed RCA output, a pair of XLR inputs which bypass the internal dual-mono transformer volume control, and selectable grounding for the main outputs. The two volume controls are clutched for normal operation, can be offset to dial in balance and, with a switch, can be reset to normal. Claimed specs are 160dB S/NR and 200kHz perfectly phase-linear bandwidth from a tube circuit. More information to come, with first public appearances planned for the upcoming hifi shows in Tokyo, Vietnam and Denver/US.
September 2017 - Meadowlark sings again - For those wondering what Pat McGinty has been up to since the original Meadowlark Audio closed its doors, their low-key new website shows a major shift of design approach: to 24/96 DSP-controlled fully active models in fact. The latest Kestrel now is a 2x250wpc twin 7" woofer affair in a 9 x 9 x 40" cab, with performance that "used to take a Heron level speaker with very good amps." With Pat's main business today being custom architectural wood trim for period homes, interest from custom installers knowing about his past had led to one-up speaker commissions. Those speakers had to be small yet potent. This led Pat to investigate the most current class D amps and DSP engines. Far more impressed with the result than he initially expected, he next applied the same thinking to the type speaker he'd designed before. The outcome is a small made-to-order boutique operation which he runs together with his daughter in parallel to their main architectural commissions.
September 2017 - Taga go hybrid - The HTA-1200 80wpc integrated combines a 12AX7 preamp and 12AU7 buffer stage to drive four Toshiba pure current-gain output transistors from a 300V transformer. Coupling caps are MKP issue and the potentiometer is an Alps. The built-in DAC features 24/192 specs and there is a headphone circuit and a pre-out for a subwoofer.
September 2017 - Mac integrate and receive - The McIntosh MA7200 export version of their integrated amplifier (not available in the US/Canada) combines 200wpc with 14 inputs including 5 x RCA, 1 x XLR, MM, MC, 2 x coax, 1 x Toslink, 1 x USB and 1 x proprietary for the company's SACD/CD transports. The modular DAC accepts up to 384kHz PCM and DSD256. The headphone output runs crossfeed technology. Available globally is the MAC7200 Receiver shown which adds to the integrated platform an AM/FM tuner [$7'000].
September 2017 - Gold Note integrate - The IS1000 is a 120wpc class A/B 'super' integrated with phono stage, DAC and streamer, Roon readiness, WiFi/LAN, MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify/Connect, Deezer, iOS/Android app, 24/192 PCM, DSD native/DoP, 3 Toslink inputs, one coax, one USB, one XLR analog and two RCA (one can be MM/MC). There are even fixed and variable analog RCA outputs. Finish is black or silver.
September 2017 - Lio's new DAC - This modular DAC2 with its three circuit boards can replace the DAC1 in Vinnie Rossi's integrated Lio platform. The top PCB is the left channel, showing the discrete Class A output stage and linear voltage regulators for the output stage and converter chip. The middle board is identical but handles the right channel. The bottom PCB contains the digital inputs, Xilinx FPGA, oscillators, reclock circuit, control firmware and linear regulators for various voltages.
September 2017 - Vermeer - "It is a pleasure to announce that a new version of our Vermeer Audio Two is ready to launch as the TWO Universal Control Center LAN. This model has the same specs as the TWO but adds a LAN/network input to convert our DAC/preamp platform into a high-end music server that will process Internet radio as well as all files located on a LAN, NAS or personal computer. Remote control is via iOS/iPad app. Also, the Two in all its versions is now equipped with Black Path capacitors developed by our partners at Convergent Audio Technology."
September 2017 - B&W 700 - "This new 700 speaker series sees the implementation of technology first seen in the high-end 800 Series Diamond: the Continuum midrange driver, a bespoke version of the Aerofoil profile bass driver; plus improved tweeter-on-top housings for the two flagship models crafted from solid aluminium billet. Both were first seen on the 800 Series Diamond. More new tech comes in the shape of the carbon-braced tweeters. This delivers sweeter cleaner performance even further up the audible bandwidth. The new range comprises eight models, two with tweeter-on-top technology including the flagship 702 S2. There are three floorstanding models, three standmount speakers and two dedicated centre channels. All models are available in gloss black, satin white or rosenut finishes. Pricing starts with $1'200/pr for the smallest monitor and tops out at $4'500/pr for the biggest 3-way vented floorstander."
September 2017 - Cubism - Grzegorz Rulka introduces their Cube Audio company from Poland where they "manufacture widebanders and loudspeakers based on them. This means complete customisation of the parts, hybrid magnetic motors, ultra-linear suspensions and many more advanced in-house developed technologies." Two models each of drivers and speakers are available: the Fa8 [€490/ea.] and Fc8 [€790/ea.] 8-inch drivers; and the Bliss A and Bliss C back-loaded hornspeakers at €4'990/€5'990 per pair respectively.

For the Fc8 driver, the specs are:
Resonant frequency - Fs  = 42Hz 
Nominal impedance - Z = 8 Ohm
Mechanical quality factor - Qms = 14.3
Electrical quality factor - Qes = 0.39
Total quality factor - Qts = 0.38
Bl factor  = 8.6Tm
Xmax = ± 3mm
Xdamage = ± 6mm
Sensitivity @ 1kHz = 92dB
August 2017 - SAG - Simon Lee, formerly of April Music, is prepping the launch of his new portfolio. "Within two months, we expect samples of our small CD/DAC and integrated, our full-sized preamp and power amp and there are even two speaker models awaiting launch time." Given Mr. Lee's prior track record, one expects high-value product of unreasonably high sound quality. Those curious before the website launches can already reach Simon at simon55kr @
August 2017 - ET wanna go home - conrad-johnson's new ET-7 preamp [$9'500] doesn't mean a remote star but your system. "It incorporates advances in regulated power supply design debuted in our GAT Series 2 line stage while closely following the GAT audio circuit. The ET7 boasts the same extreme quality parts. CJD Teflon capacitors are used throughout the audio circuit and for the regulated plate voltage power supply filter and storage capacitors. In the interest of bringing GAT-like performance to a more affordable price, the ET7 reduces the total capacitance in power supplies and output coupling. Like the GAT Series 2, the ET7 uses all Vishay resistors in the audio circuit and in the associated power supplies. The ET7 replaces the discontinued ET5. Deliveries have already begun."
August 2017 - Polish SET - Acuhorn introduce their new TT amplifier which works its 6C33C at 400mA in auto bias. The amp can be run in stereo [€4'800] or converted to mono [€9'600 for the pair]. "The switching 90-264V/AC power supply is by ultra state-of-the-art Vicorpower modules. The amplifier has only three parts in the signal path: the grid input transformer, the tube and the output transformer." Input sensitivity is 2V and output power is 6wc or 12-watt mono. Weight is 11kg and dimensions are 8.5 x 32 x 28cm WxDxH.
August 2017 - Flip yer lid - Returning to London Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October is headroom@indulgence at the Novotel/Hammersmith. £15 tickets open the doors and key players like Sony, Pioneer, Astell&Kern, Focal and Chord Electronics will display their latest and greatest; or smallest if it's IEMs.
August 2017 - Moscow show - This year's MHES will be held in the capital's Holiday Inn Tagansky hotel from November 10-12.
August 2017 - Tell it, man - The Telemann [€4'400] is Ivo Linnenberg's latest DAC/pre. With Amanero USB, AES/EBU, 2 x coax and Toslink digital inputs and RCA/XLR outputs, there's even the option to convert the RCA output into an analog input via internal jumper. By keeping volume control in the analog domain, no A/D is involved. The user may select from one of seven digital filter options. Volume spans 76dB in 1.2dB increments. Max output voltage is 4/8V on RCA/XLR respectively. The red 14-segment display operates in noise-free DC mode and extinguishes 10 seconds after remote commands and 20 seconds after initial turn-on. Specs are 32/192 PCM, DSD128 DoP, DSD512 native via Asio, 82fs master-clock jitter, <0.0003% THD/N, 138dB dynamic range, 120db cross talk and output impedance of 300 ohms per phase. Dimensions are 12x17x26cm HxWxD and power consumption is 8W in operation, 0.5W in standby. A metal remote is standard.
August 2017 - Polarising - Campfire Audio's new Polaris IEM [$599] combines an 8.5mm dynamic driver loaded into 3D-printed chambers fore and aft with an auxiliary balanced armature inside a 3D-printed waveguide. This hybrid driver array sits inside a machined aluminium housing finished in blue Ceracote.
August 2017 - Superphile - No, that's not a new breed of listener. It's the release of a new Live at Bernie's audiophile recording featuring the Anne Bisson Trio's Four Seasons in Jazz in a collaboration between Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies and mastering legend Bernie Grundman. "Canadian jazz vocalist/pianist Anne Bisson and her musical collaborators were recorded direct to disk over two days by Bernie Grundman at his studio. Co-produced with Bisson, legendary sound engineer Michael C. Ross used a 100% analog recording chain directly to Grundman’s all-analog record cutting system to realistically capture every glorious moment."
August 2017 - Bryston pre - In their Cubed Series, the Canadians launch the BP-173 [$3'995] with $700/ea. optional DAC and phono boards and $375 BR-2 remote. "Our patented super-linear low noise input buffer jointly developed with the late Ph.D. engineer Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie significantly reduces noise and distortion. The machine also has improved RF and audio frequency noise filtering and expanded i/o including two pairs of XLR and RCA outputs, an RCA tape loop and one of the XLR outputs can be set for variable or fixed. There are two pairs of balanced inputs and five pair RCA inputs. The BP-173 is available in either black or silver, 17" or 19" wide face plates."
August 2017 - Monrio - Giovanni Gazzola informs us that the new MC207 is their "largest and most powerful integrated amplifier featuring the latest circuit topology and top-notch materials. The circuit now relies on a single big printed circuit board capable of receiving all the necessary updates, carrying the output stage and the power supply whilst the sub board carries the low-level audio stage. The power transistors are designed for audio applications with good current and HF characteristics. By connecting these NPN devices in a quasi-complementary configuration, the MC 207 delivers 140 watts into 8 ohms even for very low-impedance loads. It features one 500 VA power transformers and four large electrolytic capacitors rated for 10'000uF each, four line high level inputs, a dedicated unity gain A/V direct input, a tape output and pre-out. An optional USB module allows connection to an Internet network."