Opening up my e-mail inbox every morning is always exciting. You never know what the virtual postman delivered overnight. Today I had the following brief teaser from Nelson Pass to confirm my belief that the wicked never rest: "Now for something completely different - while I just finished the PLH amplifier project [431KB PDF file], the big news is that I'm sitting on top of a power JFET amplifier using some new technology devices. The first iteration is a single-ended Class A piece with a single gain stage, 10+ watts @ 8/16-ohm at good distortion specs, a decent damping factor and a decent input impedance. (Not to be confused with Aleph Js which have been out for a month or so [below]).

Power JFETs have a curve that looks a bit like Mosfets at high voltages but unlike Mosfets, they also have a narrowly defined triode region where the current curves are exponential with increasing voltage like a 300B but at much lower voltage and much higher current. I'm prepping a DIY article to release this week and First Watt is into the first production run. - np"
In a similar minimalist amplifier vein, reader Gymane Moody sent me the below brochure from French manufacturer Selectronic for their cannily christened ProFet amplifier which you can also download as a PDF here.

Bring it on. The solid-state "zen" amplifier movement is in full swing...