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This little system was one of my favorites. It sported the $15,000/pr Vienna Acoustics The Kiss speakers with the company's revolutionary new flat spider-cone dual-concentric driver and their all-new 23cm proprietary X3P spider-cone woofer which together produced a beautiful performance with great detail, deep bass and an attractive vocal band.

Isophon's Cassiano was dressed in glossy piano black accompanied by all Accustic Arts electronics. They played classical music with ease, the Cassiano with diamond tweeter and ceramic drivers performing dynamically without any harshness whatsoever.

This was the first time Vietnamese audiophiles had a chance to experience the omnidirectional soundstage of German Physik. Their HRS-120 uses a carbon DDD driver and was driven by Accustic Arts.

Isophon's Vescova is a 2.5-way speaker. The lower woofer only works below 130Hz coupled to a vented enclosure with down-facing port to increase efficiency. All ceramic drivers aresourced from Accuton. A diamond tweeter ships with the speaker to let the user decide whether the ceramic or diamond units are preferred.

Silver-foil oil-filled capacitors, foil inductors, air-core inductors for lowest distortion, transformer-type inductors for lowest resistance and high amplifier damping as well as many other components selected by ear feature on the long list of Cassiano's ingredients. This second-from-the-top Isophon uses a diamond tweeter, high-tech ceramic midrange and woofer with a rare 5th-order crossover.

Dynaudio's room presented the famous 30th Anniversary Sapphire model partnered with Plinius SA Reference power amp, Tautoro preamp, Esoteric X-01D2 and all Nordost Valhalla cables as one of my dream systems.

Dynaudio's Confidence family of C1, C2 and C4. After the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show in August, the Viet Nam High End Audio became the second public venue to display the "legend is back" Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition to the right.

What makes a Dynaudio woofer tick? A really big voice coil.

One of the most expensive audio cables on earth is the Nordost Odin. The Odin power cord sets one back a cool $11,000.

The best home theater system at the show had the Dynaudio Focus Contour powered by Rotel Series 15 components and the sound was extremely close to good real-life movie houses.

Sonus Faber's Guarneri Mementos were clearly the best bookshelf speakers at the show. With the Italian Unison Research kit, they sounded sweet, real and warm.

Mr. Khanh has more than 20 years experience as a distributor, dealer and audio adviser and most of the time, his room was crowded. He distributes products from Clearaudio, Paradigm, Gallo Acoustics and Prima Luna. Under his magic baton, a system totaling around $10,000 sounded like one of the big systems elsewhere.

With the Innovation turntable, Clearaudio sets new standards in high-end turntable manufacture. The Innovation comes with a new developed optical speed control consisting of an infrared sensor, high precision reflection scale and corresponding speed circuit. [Grand Prix Audio's Monaco deck introduced something similar a few years ago - Ed.]

The next room rotated many different loudspeaker at different times. They had Gallo, Chario, Definitive and Totem all driven by a Rogue Audio Tempest II tube integrated amp.