Hi Srajan,
we have just about finished refurbishing our new ground-floor studio specifically for the horn systems - at least that's the plan! I will send some photos in the next couple of weeks when it is done. I have a bit of other news for you as well, about a system we are installing at the new Spiritland venue opening in September at Kings Cross. It's coming along nicely. They have Julien Stockton doing PR now (he does PR for the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and previously did for David Bowie) and we are building them a bespoke horn speaker for the venue and pulling together a number of colleagues who will be collaborating to be sponsors and provide equipment. We are getting quite close to the opening date and are just about to complete making the horn speaker. We'll be installing it in the next few weeks. Paul Noble, Artistic Director for Spiritland, Johanna Whitehead and Julian Stockton are handling all of the PR so I will introduce you to one another in a separate email and they can supply you with up-to-date information. In the meantime, please see a PDF of the basic information attached.
- Lynn

Lynn is the better half of Kevin Scott. Together they're proprietors of Living Voice and Definitive Audio, a speaker house and retail establishment in the UK's Midlands respectively. This news was so exciting, I decided to publish the initial PDF ahead of the formal press release and photos. Here you go: