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TEAC and Esoteric had a large static display, with that retro turntable a particular darling of Laura my Chinese translator.

Thorens was there as well, and with a lot more than just one turntable and baseball cap.

Transrotor from Germany vied with Burmester for the crown of chrome.

Travagan's makes cute miniature components with PC connectivity.

Triangle Electroacoustique showcased French speaker know-how in the absence of competitor Cabasse.

Venture Audio of Belgium showed the Perfection MkIII with that air motion transformer from Mundorf we saw earlier.

Vivid Audio we covered earlier in the darTZeel mention but here's a close-up of their big Giya speakers.

VTL valve electronics with Bel Canto transistors, a combination you don't see every day.

WBT is possibly the most-copied audio connector company in the world.

Westlake Audio upheld the professional end of the market with PMC, Bryston, Tannoy and others.

Wilson Audio was choice of transducer in more than one exhibit.

Wilson Benesch 'the future is carbon' also brought that subwoofer to draw attention.

Xindak adds to the number of Chinese brands that vie for attention in the West.

Yamaha had a big exhibit off the lobby toward the river and even sported a Karaoke bar.

Which gets us to our final and fittingly Chinese entry of Yaqin. Particularly tasty in their offering are the MS-2A3 and MS-300B models.