In a pale blue light British Monitor Audio Silver 300 loudspeakers played with fellow Brits Cambridge Audio’s CXA80, CXN and CXC combination.

Next door Monitor Audio resurfaced now with Roksan electronics.

In many open spaces of the vast spaces of the stadium there was software to be had.

Some exhibitors brought parts of their shops with them.

Onto big boy stuff with Wilson Audio, D’Agostino Progression monoblocks, The Bespoke Audio Company passive preamp and DcS digital, it was all there but not there enough. More big boy stuff came from Danish Audio Design electronics with Wilson Alexia series II loudspeakers. As cat'oholics, the Danes are already in our book with their iconic logo but also sound wise, this room did a better job than the previous.

Definitive Technology is quite a pretentious name for an audio company. Here their BP9000 loudspeakers were fed by a Nuprime 10-H DAC and ST-10 150wpc amplifier. Polk loudspeakers completed the décor.

Cube monoblocks preceded by the new preCube preamp onto which boards an R2R ladder DAC were accompanied by hORNS speakers sporting beryllium compression drivers. On display were some nice wooden tone arms from JR Audio.

Over Focal Utopia loudspeakers, Metronome CD player and SOtM amplification, we could enjoy a decent sound.

T+A Criterion loudspeakers tangoed with a full set of T+A electronics from the HV series while Acoustic Dream cleaned the incoming power.

More Acoustic Dreams came true in their own room next door again with T+A gear. The sound was refreshing and the room itself bathed in red light that lingered on for quite a while. A review of their power products will follow soon.

Davone loudspeakers combined with a Soulines turntable, S.P.E.C. integrated and Zweimann DAC for a very nice sounding system that was also quite budget friendly.