The next room was another hodgepodge of amps, speakers and tubes.

That Adam Vox are a speaker manufacturer was clear from the layout in their room. Their home is Slowakia and during our visit the sound was decent and the woodwork including the turntable plinth showed real craftsmanship.

The next room was a surprise. Italian Grandinote had brought not only their Shinai 37wpc magnetosolid amplifier but also their Mach 4 loudspeakers. With them Grandinote designer Massimiliano Magri has created a crossover-less 5-driver three-way within a 20mm thick aluminum cab. During our visit we were amazed by the dynamic capabilities of this amp/speaker pairing. The onset of sounds was instantaneous without hesitation or overhang. Drum kicks made our eyes blink.

Nuprime electronics with Melodika speakers came next. A surprise detail was the driver with its big magnet next to the laptop. We wondered what its hard disk thought of that.

A speaker lineup for the Equilibrium as brand had electronics by Sugden, Mastersound and AURALiC.

Tubes were in focus in the JAG electronics room. Speakers on active display had Audio Nirvana widebanders with no crossover and ~100dB sensitivity. JAG's latest SE amplifier with 300B competed with the company's ECL86 and EL34-based designs. Source was a Jadis CD transport with Audio Note DAC.

Dynaudio's Special Forty in a lovely red dress and Octave electronics on each arm helped a Transrotor Massimo turntable put music in this room.

Bryston and Soul Note had teamed up with Mymonitors. Just like last year, there was little to learn about these small transmission-line stand mounts. Their website remains under construction.

Zweimann from Poland showed their DAC with tube output stage. It handles up to quad DSD and of course 384kHz PCM and accepts USB, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink and Bluetooth. Davone's Solo speakers from Denmark excited the air.

In the Isotek room the AC power was scrubbed before being used and the conditioner's display showed quite some fluctuations on the incoming voltage: no surprise in a hotel with an ongoing audio show.

Audio Note repeated their usual setup with a Level 3 Conqueror 8wpc power house and matching CDT 1 transport and DAC 2.1x. Preamp on duty was the M1 Line. In the characteristic corner setup were the AN-E loudspeakers and not to be missed, the signature cheesy handwritten sign.

A complete Gold Note system held court in a nice clean room without much visual clutter.

Serbian Auris Audio proudly announced their new wood/leather-clad Poison 8 and Poison 88 speakers. Each is a 4-way whose fourth ‘way' faces the front wall. It took quite some work we were told to come up with best crossover for their Chinese-sourced ribbon tweeters. The sound here was excellent and it was a pity that we had to move on.

This became the last room we visited on our first day. Next would come the National Stadium. We'd try to take the first shuttle bus from the Sobieski to the stadium located just across the Wisła river. If the sound quality would be equal to or better than what we'd already heard on this first day, we'd be happy. But first, a bit of R'nR and nice dinner.