G-Lab's uniquely styled Block amplifier deserves a nicer photo than I managed in its dark room so here is one from their website.

Jag Electronics are one of Poland's valve electronics houses.

Lampizator is another. DIY roots remain apparent in their fit'n'finish. This was one of the exhibits with closed-door demos. The only reason I made it in is because the Polish lady guarding the gate said "one minute". Anything longer than that and, sorry to say, I'm a goner. This happened with a number of rooms.

I saw the Melodika banner in a hallway and took note of it as a Polish brand I was unfamiliar with. When I rummaged through my photo harvest post show, this room looked similar enough though not quite it. So it shall serve as a stand-in.

As their Dariusz Grden explained, Mytek have a new 32/384 DAC on the drawing board but Warsaw highlighted the Manhattan DAC/pre/headfi multitasker.

And quite a light show it was.

Their banner had the website but Google came up empty when I entered it. Paana Audio showed a grounding station which was part of the Mytek/Sveda Audio system.

This room's preamp said Prusonowski Audio on the front, not so the wood-ensconced components. One suspects early days for their operator.

Pylon Audio's affordable speakers had real cojones and in their diagonal setup made for a very convincing showing with modest electronics.

The Sveda Audio exhibit was part of the Golden Tulip hotel which served as an across-the-road spill-over venue for exhibitors wanting larger rooms beyond the few which the Sobieski offers.

Sveda Audio focus on the pro-audio market with their d'Appolito two-way monitors which here were augmented by two big subwoofers. Those wooden cylinders in the below picture are the mysterious Paana Audio grounding stations.