From Lithuania not Poland, AudioSolutions nonetheless falls into my 'regional' category. Designer Gediminas hadn't brought his new Vantage flagship since their room wasn't sufficiently large for it. He did share that the entire Rhapsody line is due for a MkII revamp. Depending on model, this will include a new tweeter with concomitant filter changes; and full rather than partial Plywood construction for the cabinetry.

The Avatar Audio room showed the already mentioned 6C33C OTL integrated amp with these Holophony 3-way speakers with paper-cone drivers even for the treble; Dreamlink cables; and Receptor anti-vibration platforms.

With their brochures purely in Polish, I couldn't make out more details—word to the wise: if you aim for export business and foreign show coverage, English handouts are mandatory!—but those made of sterner stuff have the website link above to dig deeper.

Bedea is another Polish cable company which, if I have associated them with the proper exhibit here, showed with Burmester electronics.

On Saturday, I couldn't get into the Bodnar Audio room at all. It was jammed. A shorter guy behind me just inside the door asked what I could see. "Something big" was my vague answer looking over the massed heads. Early on Sunday was my chance to snap these shots.

The discus concept for their widebander mounting recalls Voxativ user Jo Sound who likewise pursue more controlled radiation from such a scheme.

This li'l Divaldi Amp01 isn't a Vivaldi for the D-class generation but claims 800mW of posh class A output with a max 3.5W rating The little I heard whilst the Audion/LivingVoice speaker system was playing at the same time sounded very promising on these Audeze headphones. The company also makes a turntable, speakers and a pre/power amp combo.

The folks from elinsAudio combine ICEpower class D modules in a dual-mono amp chassis with a "specially matched" preamp with stepped attenuators but no remote control.

This V-twinny Egg-Shell amplifier from Encore7 struck a fetching pose in its hallway display beneath a protective plastic cover.