Allmet Audio might have represented the most resourceful Polish brand since, if I understood correctly, everything here was from the same designer - the electronics, multi-motor turntables and the loudspeakers. Talk about a renaissance man!

With very good sound, good music and enthusiastic personnel, my non-vinyl beat quickly shut down data take-in from the little grey cells and focused instead on enjoying the atmosphere.

I do remember that the designer referred to this phono stage as his basic one...

... whilst this turntable under the massive dust cover with two motors like the Reference deck playing also goes by Basic.

A prototype of the Audio Akustyka 63CC3 integrated OTL amp was in the Avatar Audio room in the Golden Tulip Hotel but this banner of it looked better than my own photo.

This Audio Magic dealer room dedicated to headfi was, like nearly every room in the Sobieski on Saturday, packed and all personnel busy with visitors. I didn't stay long enough to ask any questions.

Audiophilar is a Polish company dedicated to equipment stands and custom work.

Here we see Bartosz Gorka's white-legged models in the Amare Musica room.