As my report will show, room treatments from Acoustic Manufacture were to be seen in many exhibits.

Here are loudspeakers from Polish firm Akkus.

Amongst other rooms, Polish cable makers Albedo were found in this exhibit with Aqua Audio digital, Wells Audio amplification and Diapason speakers. Unlike most of their competitors, Albedo cast their own pure silver conductors. They do not buy them off the spool from Taiwan's Neotech or Chinese equivalents.

Amare Musica are another serious brand which one expects to expand beyond Polish boundaries soon. The appearance of their valve gear recalls Tom Willits' Art Audio from the UK. Besides paralleled single-ended 22wpc 300B monos with EML power triodes and 20A driver, they also had a direct-heated triode preamp with valve rectification and stabilization and EML's 30dB-gain 30A output bottle; their new Diamond server; and an Accuton-based pair of prototype three-way loudspeakers.

Because the DHT preamp breed is, if not an endangered species, then exceedingly rare, I signed up to review the Amare Musica deck. It should work really well into my FirstWatt SIT1 monos; and I'm a big fan of Jan van der Walle's Czech-made Emission Labs bottles already.

As the photos might indicate, build quality with Amare Musica is very high.

Here we see some of the brain power behind Amare Musica, owners Marcin Solowiow and Maciej Lenar.

Piotr Swiercz is the man behind Ansae, a hifi company focused on power delivery based out of Gdynia. Here we see his Power Tower Supreme in the bigger Diapason room.

Following alphabetically right on his heels is Artech with their power distribution, cords and AC accessories.

Still at 'A', we get to Audiomica, another Polish cable house.