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The beauty and the beast could have been the motto for the room where Synergy Sound held their Steinway Lyngdorf demonstration. A friendly doorman gave us access to a closed room. Though always a bit controversial at shows, a closed room offers tranquility and keeps out 'just looking'. In the room was a Model S stand-mounted monitor with matching boundary subwoofers. Electronics of course were Lyngdorf Steinway too and included the Room Perfect DSP-based room acoustics program. Amplification was by means of the ‘digital’ A1 amplifier and a Digital Link sent music and control data wireless and encrypted. So far so beauty. The beast was the immense 84” LG screen with 3D and 4K technology. Sophistication and high tech combined for a satisfying result.

Audio-GD is a Chinese audio manufacturer of electronics here in the form of a Master 7, a PCM1704UK-based DAC followed by a Master 1 preamp and finally a 250wpc Master 10 power amp combined with an ESO loudspeaker or alternatively Graj-End transducer. Audio-GD is affordable and where possible runs in full class A. In the adjacent room the emphasis was on the headphone amplifiers Audio-GD offers. A clear cover offered a view on the well laid-out innards.

Creek Audio presented a full set with their Evolution 50A amplifier as centrepiece. The 50wpc integrated was sourced from a Destiny 2 CD player and Epos, Creek’s loudspeaker brand, then offered a choice of monitor of tower speaker

Another Polish speaker manufacturer was Pylon Audio who attended with their Topaz stand mount transducers as a small speaker intended for use in a room not too big like the one at the show.

Every year the DIY room or in this case rooms are a pleasure for the eye and ear. Do it yourself is the most extreme form of involvement with the audio hobby and often the source of new ideas and inventions. Copying an existing design is nice, designing one’s own more challenging and rewarding when all work out as intended.

Though fit and finish were not always high and certain builds had just moved beyond the bread-board stage, some finished products could have easily been the results of professional manufacture. Show organizer Adam offers DIYers the opportunity to show off their stuff at his event which is an initiative more organizers should follow.

Books in Polish on acoustics, audio electronics, software and accessories were in the Rafko/RMS room.

Harbeth's classical looking but fine-sounding loudspeakers like the 30.1showed with Rogue Audio magnum amplification. Surely there are worse things on earth?

But Rogue combined just as fine with PS Audio’s PWT and PWD for digital playback and Audio Physics Avantera 3 loudspeakers.

Like last year Franc Audio Accessories teamed up with cable manufacturer Audiomica. The line of ceramic disc footers has grown this past year and owner Pavel told us that he is very busy keeping up with demand. Especially the Asian market has discovered his products and their sonic benefits. We can only nod as we too experienced the same during our review of the Classic footers. A premier for this event was the Franc Audio Accessories table. Constructed of aluminum for the frame and composite materials for the boards, the whole of course sits on ceramic footers.

Audiomica showed their new Power Station distributor and matching TFCT Double filter on their top Allbit power cord. Sneaking a peek at our forthcoming review of that cable, when we introduced the show loaner into our digital source environment, the effect was far from subtle and well beyond any other filtering we had tried before. These two companies demonstrated with YBA Design for CD player and amplifier while a Lawrence Audio Violin provided speaker duties.

In a second Rafko room Indiana Line monitors were demonstrated in combination with Myryad electronics. We were not aware before that next to loudspeakers, Italian brand Indiana Line also produces electronics like the Puro CDP player used in the setup.

The Koris company focuses on lifestyle audio. With that mind set they set up a system around the Dali Fazon F5 speakers with Sub 1 for the lowest frequencies.

ATC SCM 11 loudspeakers with ATC CDA2 player and ATC SIA2-150 and ATC P1 amplification were in the Q21 room running on Gigawatt's purified AC. Did we mentioned the abundant use of diffusers at the show? An item literally a bit covered over was the Monolith Audio Lilium platform beneath the Gigawatt conditioner. Monolith is one of those typical Polish high-end makers. They specialize in wood work for audio-grade platforms of many kinds and sizes that combat resonances. Besides these platforms Monolith also supplies loudspeaker cabinets to companies like Guru. With their own process of raw wood purchasing, logging, drying and in-house production, they are in full control from start to finish..

Triangle Signature Delta loudspeakers had a Primare CD32 optical disc spinner, R32 phono stage and A43-2 power amplifier on the left side of the audio rack. The nicely white EAT E-Flat turntable with Yosegi cartridge on a uniquely shaped ultra-flat tone arm was on the right side combined with the EAT E-Glo phonostage with characteristic tube protectors for its ECC83 and ECC88. On the bottom of the rack sat an E-Glo external power supply. The EAT components begged for another power amplifier preferably of the tubed sort.

MBL Corona C21 integrated amplifier and Corona C31 CD player and Magico S1 loudspeakers. This compact setup is not for the budget limited audio amateur. Where we are not the greatest fans of the MBL ‘sound’ the combination with the Magico proved that can be overcome with the correct match.

Wherever Reimyo/Harmonix or Combak for short set up a room for one of their trained distributors, music is the focus. Of course to get there requires quality stuff like Combak's. Their KAP-777 power amp steered the Bravo loudspeakers being fed by a CAT-777 control amplifier, CDT-777 transport, DAP-999 EX DAC and with dependable power from the ALS-777 Power Stabilizer.

Add some but not too many Harmonix tuning devices and there you have your sound system. We think the room could have been even better without the diffuser panels but who knows.

Next came Martin Logan Summit X hybrid electrostats with Chinese Xindak CDT-20 transport, dual Anthem M1 mono power amps and a humongous Anthem DV2 3D audio/video processor between. Power was conditioned by a Xindak PC-200. With no screen in sight, this room was strictly 2-channel audio.

The next room was of the cram-packed with banners variety and had lots of Roksan gear and Paradigm loudspeakers including a tiny subwoofer which exciting the audio table.