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The king is dead. The king is dead. Long live the new king.
Nothing this drastic has occurred here on the moons, not to worry. But one moon has vanished and a new one risen in its stead. World Music became Music Reviews and the relaunched page is now shepherded by the trusted team of David Kan, Frederic Beudot, Ken Micallef and Paul Candy.

The reason is simple. My editorial work and the volume of audio reviews personally processed had snowballed to the point of sorry neglect of the World Music pages. Incidentally, it never was my intent to shun other genres. My personal interest plus the sad fact that world music remains quite unfamiliar to music lovers otherwise thoroughly informed simply had me focus on it. Substantial genres like Classical and Jazz and Pop/Rock were covered elsewhere already, by writers properly specialized to do them better justice than I likely could. Now this focus has been broadened significantly.

As far as abdicating any thrones goes, I have in fact relinquished a measure of control. While I shall continue to format the content of this relaunched section, the foursome team of contributors has taken control over content selection and certain associated maintenance protocols. That includes software and financial support solicitations. Accordingly,
all revenues generated on the Music Reviews pages will be exclusively collected by and distributed among these writers. I'll only contribute in a guest-starring function with occasional world music content. Long live the new kings David, Frederic, Ken and Paul (and whoever else they might add to their roster in the future). If their output in the audio reviews pages diminishes as a result, that's only fair. Music is what it's really all about. The shiny toys add some sparkle but regular musical consumption and enjoyment certainly do not rely on them. What they do rely on is awareness of what new listenables have come out; and what within their monthly flood warrants special attention. Our new Music Reviews pages are dedicated to contributing our small part to that huge undertaking. So do check out the new page by clicking on the above partial screen capture - if you haven't already gone there by following the new green moon from elsewhere...