Onda Ligera played some soulless Techno in quasi Devialet fashion whilst I entered and over the matching robotic speakers on the outside. I stayed just long enough to snap this shot.

By the time I got to Paradigm, my blood sugar must have dropped below half mast inside my chocolate croc boots. This look at their fancy driver covers must suffice.

QAT showed a new active speaker which played when I was there. With Focal, Dynaudio and other mainstream brands contributing to the breed, there's hope for it yet to reach audiophile credibility.

After very positive experiences with two of the QAT servers, I asked for the matching integrated amp for my next go-around.

Questyle were excited to stress that their new hi-rez player is manufactured inside the industrial Foxconn complex which also makes the iPhone (and has made international news when a few workers committed suicide due to inhuman work conditions). A new champagne finish bowed as well to dress their top headphone amp with upgraded circuitry.

Reimyo's Kiuchi-San approached me for a review and I spontaneously pointed at this amp. As a tube lover, I figured that he must have imbued his high-power transistor specimen with familiar glow-bottle qualities. Time will tell.

Sonus faber rewrote last year's orange is the new black with their new speaker line. It sports hot-swappable side panels in various colours.