Artora goes boldly towards a wireless future. Check out the basic specs for their Artoamp 150 in the inlay.

Jürgen Scheuring of Germany's Ascendo bowed his new System F and expressed gratitude for our ongoing translations of content which netted him worldwide exposure of Ralph Werner's review of his C8 Renaissance model in our pages. While forum posters began commenting on shared reviews and reviewers between The Absolute Sound and Hifi+ as "the downward spiral begins", I view translations entirely different. Not only do they expose content from a very limited market -- in our case, German-speaking Europe -- to a global English-speaking audience, my personal labor of translating and reformatting such reviews to fit our site format is rather more than lazy reruns. It's original content that helps the manufacturers with 2-for-1 review/loaner logistics and supports our colleagues in Berlin. In the case of the Polish, its publisher Wojciech Pacula asked me for some of our content to expand the scope of his. I agreed but asked for a return privilege. We've hence begun to also syndicate his reviews, albeit edited for language to improve upon his own translations. The operative spirit here is mutual cooperation rather than outdated competition.

As is Ascendo legacy, the tweeter offset of the System F can be calibrated for time alignment with the listening seat while the bass system hidden from view inside the enclosure is a bandpass affair. Despite the comprehensive digital room equalization built into the behold electronics -- Scheuring himself is heavily involved in professional acoustic software generation -- this room still featured traditional absorbers. What does that tell us?

On the rear, the System F sports a ribbon tweeter with very reduced output above 10kHz for enhanced ambience.

Herr Willie Nienhaus' ASW Lautsprecher GmbH is also from Germany and another brand that embraces Oscar Heil tweeters. Burmester is yet another.

Atoll Electronique meanwhile is from France and specialized in electronics.

Audia Flight from Italy bought a mondo amplifier that was leashed up to Fischer & Fischer speakers clad in stone.

Audio Aero's name nearly seems related but this French company is perhaps best known for its Anagram engine, sub miniature tube fitted digital source components.

Jérome André brought their new LaSource player with VRDS NEO transport from Esoteric and also lifted the bonnet on a new statement D/A converter.