Hoerzone (listening domain) from Germany imports Vicoustic room tuning panels and here is a shot of their wavewood tile panels. You gotta admit that these are much more attractive than the usual suspects. But for those wanting something a bit more billowy, there's still more to come. I know, I'm really riding this topic. It's important though.

Isophon from Germany embraces Accuton drivers and those massive valve amplifiers between their speakers are Western Electric 300B monos apparently built by Canary Audio. The WE website still doesn't list them so I'm not certain on the exact status of this product.

Isotek Systems from the UK brought their new Aquarius to succeed the GII Mini Sub in their lineup, becoming the most affordable Isotek power conditioner to implement their Adaptive Gating technology from the Sigma and Nova models.

In our male-dominated audiophile scene, women rarely get proper credit for their contributions. Here is my better half who has put up with my craziness for 16 years already. Only she knows what that really means. A lot to put it mildly.

Before JBL became a 'consumer' brand -- a rather strange descriptor since we're all consumers yet audiophiles often regard themselves a breed apart -- their speakers were what ambitious men aspired to. And to this day, the line includes models with very high audiophile-approved aspirations. Just think K2.

Jean Marie Reynaud speakers from France enjoy a very devout following.

Jeff Rowland Design Group had this static display. Jeff Rowland was one of the early adopters of ICEpower to legitimize class D for high-end consumption.

KEF's mighty Muon garnered plenty of press coverage when it bowed. This year the buzz was about the new Blade, a proof-of-concept design that's not for sale but the outcome of what happens when the engineers are given free rein to do their best. Trickle-down is expected but for now, the Blade is the ultimate tease.

Kharma showed with Chord's finest for a serious assault on the wallet.

Milan 08 and CES09 were abuzz with the showing of the mighty four-armed Angelis Labor turntable. A parting of the ways between the principals has since placed the design under the aegis of Suono i Communicazione, an Italian distribution company out of Bologna who, except for a few models, also built the German Klimo electronics and inherited the rights to Dr. Klimo's designs. This gorgeous table with parts fabricated by Ferrari sub contractors hence is now branded Klimo as are the accompanying tube preamp and power amp.