Legendary black licorice pizza servers EMT showed that longevity in audio continues to exist amidst all the fads and fashion changes.

Ergo cogitum can. The Jecklin floater headphone successors have one AMT model that's no longer the only one extant. Quite by chance, I spied a competitor in the Docet-Lector exhibit we'll encounter later.

As our pre-show announcement in the news room put it, Finite Elemente introduced a hi-tech rack system with "brand-new revolutionary resonance damping technology; a new look for the classic pagode Master Reference; the 2nd generation Resonator 1000Hz with higher efficiency and better sound; the modul LS loudspeaker; and Projekt 3 Klang, a marketing cooperation between finite elemente, Silent Wire and Trigon".

The above rack still lacked the finishing shelf fascias but afforded an in-sight into the inner construction.

The earlier mentioned Fischer & Fischer speaker surprised by using real slate for their enclosures.

Flying Mole is Yamaha's take on and stake in class D.

Funk in German is broadcasting, not the funky monkey and the company by this name (it continues with Tonstudiotechnik - recording studio technique) specializes in professional and now also consumer electronics heavy on features and linearity, low on audiophile voodoo.

Furutech is the WBT of Japan but goes well beyond just connectors into power distribution products, a complete cable line and audio accessories. I failed to inquire whether the below is a voltage regulator (the display would suggest as much) but its prominent position in their display suggested it is very new.

German Physic's current ad campaign of STS aka small tweeter syndrome is one of the cleverest I've seen in a long time. Kudos to US importer Chris Sommovigo for some smart but relevant wordsmithing.