Bel Canto's Mike McCormick had exciting but embargoed news. What could I say? "Something to the effect of the three-letter word VBS and what it might stand for." There you are. This 'thing' will significantly improve all non-amplifier BCD components. You can figure it out from there, can't you?

Brinkmann makes highly regarded 'perfectionist' electronics and turntables. From Germany of course.

Bryston requires no introductions. How many times have you peeked below their hoods though?

Burmester always fills up large quarters and this year was no exception.

The attack of the cyclopsi by Cabasse. Some major players like JMlab and Unison Research didn't seem to have attended. Or did I just overlook them? My general hit 'n' run mode was liable to do that. But while on the subject of French speakers, it's noteworthy that the three giants in the field (JMlab/Focal, Cabasse and Triangle) all design and manufacture their own drive units. No off-the-
shelf transducers as are common for most smaller speaker companies.

If you've followed mainstream high-end reviews, you already know that Cambridge Audio routinely scores very high despite their real-world focus and pricing. You may not impress audiophile friends but you sure will enjoy good sound and a happy accountant. The video stereo rig in Casa Chardonne is fronted by a Cambridge universal player.

Canton of course is one of the main players in Germany's speaker market. Their slogan for the new Reference model? Always. Forever. Nice. And then we all die.