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March 14th, 2014. At ten to 8:00, the movers had showed up. By 8:00 the outside lift to our 2nd storey flat on Grand'Rue in Villeneuve had been set up. 90 minutes later all our furniture had left the building through the living room window. 150 minutes later, everything had reappeared in our new digs on Le Mont Pèlerin above Chardonne, again via lift directly onto the balcony overlooking Lake Geneva and the snowcapped peaks on the French side. To give you a feel for the new sound room and environs, here's a pictorial walkabout. Mont Pèlerin means pilgrim's mountain and was called thus well before the large Tibetan monastery of Rabten Choeling set up their magnificent temple and monastic housing a 5-min. foot walk from us.

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The desktop system is a 160GB iPod Classic into a Pure i20 dock into an Aura Vivid integrated driving Gallo Strada2 and a matching TR-3D subwoofer.

At the corner of the windows sits Nori, one of Ivette's latest art works. She's a fashionably attired Japanese mermaid replete with fins, a bathing cap and sunglasses.

This shot from the loft shows the irregularly shaped windows and angular interface with the first ceiling section.

This continued shot shows how the office and living/listening room connect.