Coming November 2018 - Warsaw show - Marja & Henk will do the annual pilgrimage to cover Europe's 2nd largest hifi show...
October 2018 - Friday's opening of the Toronto Audio Fest marked an auspicious beginning for a re-emergence of a dedicated audio show in the GTA. Though quite successful in its own right, the move to a broader show CES style had drawn mixed reactions from the hardcore audiophile contingent over the past few years who would have preferred an exclusive audio venue. Organizers of the Montreal Audio Fest Michel Plante, Sarah Tremblay and Benjamin Scarcelli heard that murmur of discontent and decided to bring their style show to the Toronto area. And so on October 19th, the Toronto Audio Fest opened its first exhibition at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel.
October 2018 - XFI 2018 - The sole surviving large audio show in the Netherlands is called XFI and its organizers label it a premium audio show. We spent two full days at the venue and were pleasantly entertained. Said venue, a former monastery turned conference center, keeps visitors sighing whenever they've lost their way again. Even map in hand, going astray is easy. Every year we try to remember the best route to not miss a room but alas. So, we take the confusion as part of the attraction. Visitors showed up early and stood in line to wait for the doors to open. From our hotel room, we had a nice overview of the eager lineup. Click here for Part II if you've already read the first 4 pages.
October 2018 - An artesanial visit - A pictorial coverage of a visit to Barbastro where the Artesania Audio racks are made.
September 2018 - KIH #61 - Let's get physical!
September 2018 - TAVES 2018 - Not!
August 2018 - KIH #60 - Nurse!
June 2018 - KIH #59 - The devil's vocabulary?
June 2018 - KIH #58 -Fielding it near, far or mid.
May 2018 - Leedh's digital attenuation code - Joël Chevassus's most interesting tech find at HighEnd Munich show.
May 2018 - KIH #56 - Some showy ideas..
May 2018 - KIH #55 - New tech at HighEnd Munich.
May 2018 - Munich HighEnd - A show report.
February 2018 - KIH #54 - The silence of the lambs. What to get when €500 for a total system is your budget...
January 2018 - KIH #53 - Flying blind? How to turn the room on and off...

December 2017 - Warsaw show - Marja & Henk returned from Poland with this year's scoop. The ten pages divide into Day One, Two and Three.

November 2017 - MHES 2017- Our Russian correspondent Artjom reports from Moscow...
October 2017 - RMAF 2017 - Steve Marsh reports from Denver.
October 2017 - XFi 2017 - Marja & Henk got the scoop in Holland.
October 2017 - TAVES 2017 - Glen Wagenknecht's full report on the new venue.
June 2017 - High End Munich 2017 - Berlin correspondent John Darko raids the Munich pantry and reports on the leftovers once the immaterial and irrelevant have been struck off the menu...
May 2017 - High End Munich 2017 - The annual pilgrimage to Bavaria not for beer and bratwurst but new hifi introductions.
April 2017 - Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest - Glen went on the prowl downtown Montreal. Nothing was safe...
December 2016 - MHES 2016 - From Moscow with love...
November 2016 - Warsaw 2016 - Having covered this event in 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, we did so again for this year's installation which took place from the 4th-6th of the month across three different venues including the city's national stadium. Finalized.
November 2016 - TAVES 2016 - Glen Wagenknecht signed up for the 3-day duration. Pages 1-8 of the complete report are live.
May 2016 - DSD512 Fest - M&H report on a side show in Munich.
May 2016 - HighEnd Munich 2016 -
April 2016 - HighEnd Munich 2016 - The No-Show Report - If I were attending Highend Munich this year (why I can't is explained here), these would be some of my personal want-to-see products. In alphabetical order...