Who sez that China is the only manufacturing solution where competitive retail pricing is concerned? Craig Uthus, principle design engineer for Moth Audio Corp., has teamed up with Latvian company Laconic to introduce his Eddie Current EC-01 SET headphone amplifier for $349 Internet direct. Curious about Craig's prior work? Check out the Moth Museum link on the EddieCurrent website.

The EC-01 is based on an all-triode OTL topology intended to drive 60- to 600-ohm headphones. "Each EC-01 is painstakingly hand made, with point-to-point wiring used in all signal circuits. Heavy-duty military tie points are used throughout and high quality components make this amplifier a benchmark of superior sound for the dollar. All EC-01 amplifiers are tested, burned in and come with a USA warranty." Johnny B. Goode meets Eddie Current.

Specifications include 22dB of gain; 19V peak max output into 300 ohms or 1.2 watts; 10 to 200,000Hz response -0.5dB into 300 ohms; wideband noise plus gain reference to 1V at -102dB; dimensions of 5.75" H x 5.125" W x 6.5" D and weight of 5.5 lbs; two inputs; and a tube complement of 1 x 6N3P and 2 x 6N6Ps. About EddieCurrent the company, we learn that it "is an Internet-based, affordable line of high-end vacuum tube audio equipment. The product line includes head phone/line amplifiers, power amplifiers and speaker components." For an opportunity to listen to the EC-01 and other Eddie Current products, contact Craig Uthus at cuthus@charter.net or (818) 224-3782.