The following list shows who of our currently active writers or their immediate relatives have financial stakes in the audio industry. None of them except the publisher derives any income from this site.

Chris Redmond: Chris is a self-employed franchisee of ChipsAway, a mobile auto body repair/respray business. From 2006 to 2009 he was a writer for online audio publication

David Kan:
David is retired but keeping himself busy with writing, music and art. He publishes his music review on his FaceBook page 渾 Wonder 渾 Music 樂 Blog 樂.  

Edgar Kramer: Edgar sold his pro-audio business in 2007 when he accepted a full-time position for an Australian publication conglomerate as Reviews Editor for Australian Hi-Fi and Sound & Image magazines. In addition, he has recently taken up the position of Editor of Australian InCar Entertainment magazine. Edgar is on the Organizing Committee for the Audiophile Society of New South Wales and convenes a Jazz, Blues and Rock Special Interest Group.

Edward Barker: Edward is director of a renewable energy company. His brother Francis has a PhD in acoustics and is involved in scientific research, none of of which is related to hifi or audio companies.

Glen Wagenknecht: Glen is currently working as Senior Master at the 299 Queen Street division of the CTV network in Toronto Canada supervising 20 television stations and 1 radio station.

Chevassus: Joël is currently working as financial manager of an international oil company.

John Darko: John runs Australian online magazine Digital Audio Review whose ad revenues supplement his income from teaching information technology at both a music-focussed high school and a Sydney university. His contributions for us are pro bono.

Marja Vanderloo & Henk Boot: Marja & Henk are IT specialists who maintain computer systems for large corporate clients. They also contribute free and paid-for audio reviews to Dutch print and on-line publications.

Mike Malinowski: Mike is a business manager in the medical industry.

Paul Candy:
Paul is operations manager for a Canadian non-profit, non-share cemetery corporation.

Srajan Ebaen: Prior to launching 6moons, Srajan worked in audio retail, then as national sales manager for Mesa Engineering's hifi division, Meadowlark Audio and Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company. 6moons is wholly owned by him. He currently derives his sole income from the ad revenues of 6moons. If such sponsors lack their own graphic department, their ad contracts include free banner and ad generation on this site. They provide copy and images, 6moons builds their banners and HTML page ads for this site.

Stephæn Harrell: Stephæn works as civic entrepreneur, human systems coach, consultant and mediator. He is also V.P. of From 1999 to 2006, he was a reviewer/contributing writer for The Abso!ute Sound.

Steve Marsh:
Steve owns North Lake Audio through which he repairs mainly tube equipment (vintage/modern), buys, sells and consigns vintage audio gear and consults on 2-channel residential stereo system installations.