"In ZenSati Angel, Cherub and Seraphim speaker cables, all seven visible conductors connect end to end with spade or banana terminations. In the interconnects, the visible conductors function as the shield. This conceals the inner FEP tube where we have the isolated minus and in an open dialectic the plus spun around the minus." I asked Johansen how the gold plating is achieved. “The conductor is flattened for the plating, then in a very careful process twisted specifically. This is as much information as I can share because of certain circumstances."

I note again that the RCA connectors were among the best fitting I’ve come across. They made solid contact whilst effortlessly fitting over the socket without having to sequester Arnold Schwarzenegger for the connecting/disconnecting process. I wondered whether ZenSati drew inspiration from such companies as Furutech and WBT. "For RCA and XLR  connectors, we used Furutech and Neutrik for the first few years. Since we wanted to get a more neutral product, we then started producing our own connectors and learnt that we got more benefits for the same cost. It also provided us with the option to produce a connector in the same colour as the rest of the cable." So far ZenSati have produced interconnect, phono, S/PDIF and speaker cables. I wondered if there were plans for USB and HDMI cables.

"In the summer of 2015, we will be ready with an HDMI link in a ZenSati solution where we have a focus to improve the RGB and digital transport interface." Finally I asked Johansen in his role as ZenSati’s founder, what he believes makes the Seraphim range different from other high-end cables. "It's very easy. The ZenSati Seraphim is the next best cable in the world. It's very strictly in the neutral zone for tonal balance, fast and a very beautiful cable series." I was looking forward to testing Johansen’s claims. So in they went into the main reference rig between AMR’s superlative CD-77.1 and Mick Maloney’s magical Supratek Reference DHT preamplifier, then on to the newly acquired John Curl-designed Halo JC 1 monos that in turn power the Wilson Audio Alexia speakers. In this way the entire signal flow show was Seraphim’d.

Angelic manifestations.
What was it Johansen had said about neutrality? Set that in stone I say! These cables are a clear conduit to the pits, grooves or magnetic tape (if you’re a reel-to-reel nouveau hipster), electronics notwithstanding. Then how of all things do you review a cable without an evident sound of its own? Okay, maybe it does have something that is tangibly attainable in terms of descriptives. The Seraphim cables do have the slightest sense of added midrange body. This is actually a quality I very much treasure. Thin, cold, bleached mid frequencies are not for this guy. Give me a full, dynamic and palpable midrange combined with a dollop of tight, deep and detailed bass and top it off with a peppered sprinkling of extended treble sweetness. There, you’ve got me good. Done.