And in the morning, the son rises.
If one didn't know how the old Ampzilla2000 URL made direct reference to their 2000VA power transformer, a look into N°2 son would instantly reveal the evidence. I've personally looked into €40'000/pr high-power monos with far smaller iron. True, size alone says nothing about sound. It does however show how and where your investment was administered. In amps, the two costliest items are chassis and transformer/s. Many make up with the former what they lack in the latter. Not the SoA. It's honest about value. It doesn't pretend with empty bling. Take a good look. That hulkatronic dinosaur egg of 16cm Ø and 8cm profile—this unusual height can't be shown without removing the face plate—accounts for exactly half this amp's total weight. If performance begins in the power supply, here one feels off to a brilliant start.

This torrid toroid's sheer size made it hard to get a decent look at the bipolar output devices which tuck beneath the horizontal metal divider below the control boards. What follows is my best attempt at showing you, without mirrors, just a few of one channel's dirty dozen.

Here is one control board which fully obscures said transistor alley.

Here's a close-up look at one half of one control board...

... followed by the input board which likewise obscures another vertical PCB beneath it which...

... here shows as much as the physical shadow of the transformer allows. This board hosts another four big capacitors similar to the vertical pairs bracketing the trafo.