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With a virgin bearing we spun the turntable idle after the first side of a random LP was finished to have the bearing settle in. With the close tolerances of its machining the question was whether this was really necessary. It clearly couldn’t hurt though.

Over the next two weeks there was hardly a time when the Solid12 was not providing music. Hence the deck met up with a great part of our vinyl collection. Where we stated in the review of the Solid12 with the original bearing that the sound "was generous, fantastically dynamic and tonally rich without artificial fattening" we now had to add "with great imaging". In part this might have been due to the Schick DL-103 overhaul. In the previously reviewed Solid12 with Schick 12" arm, the DL-103 overhaul had been performed by Expert Stylus so there was that difference. However we do think that the major part came from the new bearing’s lower mechanical noise which now masked less detail.

During the review period we experimented a little with the mat. PTP Audio delivers the Solid12 with the original Lenco mat. That’s a fairly hard rubber affair with broad ridges leaving plenty of air under the LP. When we covered the rubber mat with a leather Hiraga mat and lowered the needle pressure to 2.27 gram, the resultant sound ticked off all our sound quality boxes. Applying a Feickert puck of 225 gram added some body to particular records made of very thin vinyl.

Some LPs sounded so wonderful that they did not made it back to the record cabinets but were played daily. The Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz Music for Piano & Drums and Rob Wasserman Duets were the more obvious choices but we highly enjoyed the Walter Carlos Clockwork Orange too. The final winner was Antony & The Johnsons The Crying Light as examples of less common works. In conclusion we can only say two things. Every owner of a Solid9 or Solid12 should contact Peter for an upgrade kit. And, everyone considering the purchase of a PTP Audio turntable should include the Solid Bearing from the start.

Condition of component received:
Reusability of packing: The Solid Bearing was hand delivered.
Website comments: Plenty of information and more on the related forum.
Completeness of delivery: All that’s needed .
Pricing: The sonic improvement completely warrant the price.
Human interactions: Again exemplary.
Remarks: A Perspex dust cover is now available as well.

The Solid12 with the new bearing retains its original Blue Moon Award with an appended asterisk for its consistent improvement.
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