Let's look at John Moulton and Brannan Mason, co-owners of Noble, a little closer.
"Dr. John Moulton a.k.a. Wizard is an audiologist by training and an audio enthusiast at heart. In other words, due to his extensive training, John knows a thing or two about sound, the ear and how humans hear. While John's knowledge comes in handy when designing in-ear monitors, like any true master he is always learning and refining his skills.

"Dr. John has been working with custom in-ear monitors for nearly a decade now and is the President of Noble. Beyond presiding over Noble, John is also the creative and artistic force behind the brand. Brannan lives in Santa Barbara and oversees the business side of Noble. He also serves as the person of contact, meaning he's the one who answers the phone and reads the mail. Feel free to ask him any questions you may have. He will do his best to get back to you promptly."

Whilst I was communicating with Brannan for the first time, I had a chance to look at their Facebook page. Suddenly I felt mesmerized by Wizard's creations and remembered my first encounter with a big digital picture of our cosmic neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy. I had then been nervous and started to perspire. The picture almost made me sick. Yes, it was the Stendhal Syndrome. To me now, Wizard’s completed productions looked like a spiral galaxy which might invoke the Stendhal Syndrome in portable audio enthusiastic, particularly IEM lovers; especially the Prestige. They were virtually sparking.

So when Brannan asked me which Noble K10 I would like to review, the answer was easy. But there was conflict. They couldn't make the Prestige version for just anyone due to some of the techniques involved. First they had to examine my ear mould impressions. I asked Brannan why. "We cannot craft a K10 Prestige for everyone due to the interior space required for all of the K10 components. Basically, we need a larger ear with no sharp bends. It is important to note that these requirements are different for a standard acrylic K10, which we can build for just about anyone. We also offer the Savant in Prestige, which we can offer to anyone as well."

Fortunately my genetic heritage meant ears large enough for the job. I picked Wizard's wood as my material of choice, then had to wait. It takes approximately three months from when your ear mould impressions have been received. Whilst waiting, I received their Prestige press release from Brannan. "Noble Audio, the world's leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, has launched Prestige. Its new flagship CIEM (Custom In Ear Monitor) is an unashamedly luxurious bespoke-fit monitor offering Noble's finest audio performance and craftsmanship. Prestige is a high-end progression of Noble Audio's flagship custom K10 and universal-fit K10U IEMs (£999 respectively). Like its K10 siblings, Prestige also employs Noble Audio's advanced 10-driver balanced armature technology to deliver its astonishing audio quality. But, Prestige is an IEM with a difference! Instead of beginning the manufacturing process with the liquid medium that's traditionally used, Prestige pieces are handcrafted entirely from solid media. Prestige gives discerning music lovers a choice of 30 exotic finish options from a range of solid construction materials including exotic woods, carbon glass, genuine honeycomb and aluminium webbing."

"The Prestige process begins with digitizing acrylic moulds of the inner ear using one of the most advanced 3D-scanning processes available: over 2.5 million data points are collected and manipulated per ear. Once digitized, the pieces are painstakingly shaped from a solid artistic medium in a process that can take up to 30 hours per ear. Each piece is then hollowed out by hand to accommodate the driver assembly and internals before being finished with a hypoallergenic lacquer and buffed." That’s why I had to wait. The release continued: "Prestige is a bespoke ten-armature CIEM of unrivalled quality and sonic performance. It is a low impedance four-way design, with ten drivers working in perfect unison. Prestige's advanced driver array delivers a highly coherent presentation across a wide frequency range and delivers the best ever performance from a portable CIEM product.